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View Poll Results: Suzumiya Haruhi Episode 14 Rating
Perfect 10 281 74.54%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 66 17.51%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 13 3.45%
7 out of 10 : Good 7 1.86%
6 out of 10 : Average 5 1.33%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 0.27%
4 out of 10 : Poor 1 0.27%
3 out of 10 : Bad 1 0.27%
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Old 2006-07-04, 22:50   Link #201
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Levis, Quebec, Canada
Age: 32
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Well, everything has been said, i give an all-out big 10 to this episode and to the whole serie! It's a TOTALLY refreshing and original story in a world "satured" with "school life animes"! I loved every minutes of it, even if i was totally "WTF" in the first episode, the drawings, the OST, i loved everything!

Oh and big thanks to the one who said the title of the song playing when the giant "thing" appears, but is the song in the episode a "remake" or it sounds exactly like the original? I need THIS version badly!

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Old 2006-07-04, 22:54   Link #202
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
After seeing this episode, it strikes me of a combination of Evangelion + The Lathe of Heaven + Roswell all crashing together .
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Old 2006-07-04, 23:36   Link #203
Major Kerina
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: California
Age: 35
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I'm kinda surprised Lathe of Heaven wasn't one of the books Yuki read. That would be apropo
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Old 2006-07-04, 23:44   Link #204
Yuki-ist and Hina-geek
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Los Angeles
Originally Posted by raphaŽl
Originally Posted by Lost
Yuki Seriously.. I'm infatuated.

Raph: I hope she rmbs to defragment regularly, to prevent a reformat.
Ok, now you mention it, I definitely want to see her defragment. That must be really sexy.
It would be great to watch Yuki fsck, then mount.

"I won't let them" Awwwwww... Yuki even more.
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Old 2006-07-05, 00:22   Link #205
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
a very well done ending. i'd say it's perfect, but why do these darn japanese like to leave their endings in a somewhat conclusion but not entirely concluded ending? that said, why do I have this sinking feeling that there won't be a season two? endings always get me down. :\

tho props to AFK for a well done, very professional subbing. good job to them!

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Old 2006-07-05, 00:25   Link #206
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Soo what was kyons real name ?
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Old 2006-07-05, 00:33   Link #207
Aiya Kasai
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Age: 28
AWWWWEE....its over *depressed* more haruhi
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Old 2006-07-05, 00:34   Link #208
Kaioshin Sama
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Neither Here nor There
Age: 33
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Originally Posted by lalabling
Soo what was kyons real name ?
Roger Smith.

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Old 2006-07-05, 01:06   Link #209
Pale Sqwish
Join Date: May 2006
wait, what? im confused, is this the last episode?
Pale Sqwish is offline  
Old 2006-07-05, 01:07   Link #210
I desire Tomorrow!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: As far away from reality as possible
Age: 35
Yes, but not chronologically.
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Old 2006-07-05, 01:29   Link #211
Anime Online
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Originally Posted by Pale Sqwish
wait, what? im confused, is this the last episode?

Yes and no.

Episode 14 concludes the end of the Yuutsu/Melancholy story arc (essentially book1 of the novel series). More to the point, Episode 14 also concludes the end to the current anime series.

However, the true ending of the anime series belongs to Episode 09, Someday In The Rain.
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Old 2006-07-05, 01:48   Link #212
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Strange-ville
Bleh, me want more, so the 14 eps are just book 1? That gives hope.
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Old 2006-07-05, 01:52   Link #213
Kaioshin Sama
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Neither Here nor There
Age: 33
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Originally Posted by Grees
Bleh, me want more, so the 14 eps are just book 1? That gives hope.
As with most Light Novels (Short stories basically), turned anime (FMP for example) the series is composed a collection shorter and longer stories taken from the various volumes of the novels, (Predominantly Volume 1).
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Old 2006-07-05, 02:13   Link #214
Join Date: Apr 2006
A few random thoughts/responses:

- I think we've already seen Yuki defrag, after Asakura fragged her pretty thoroughly :-)

- It's almost too bad to think that Kyon might have told Haruhi about aliens, etc. - it's funnier to think that the same instinct that made her recruit those three made her cast them appropriately in the movie without hints from Kyon as to their nature (even if she didn't really believe him, as Yuki said she wouldn't). Maybe he didn't name names.

-Ok, be honest - who here has done a SET PROMPT=YUKI.N$G ?

- After Haruhi said she had a nightmare (hmm, why did she term it that - she seemed to enjoy herself?), Kyon's tone of "oh" is very funny.

- Mikuru and Yuki gave advance warning of how Kyon could escape, but as of the baseball episode, Koizumi still didn't know, which is a little odd. (Or maybe he just wanted to hear Kyon say it?)

- When Mikuru looks at her mole and jumps, the whole camera shot shakes, pretty funny.
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Old 2006-07-05, 02:27   Link #215
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Shitty old London. They must've been on drugs when they built this place, WTF were they smoking!!!
Age: 34
Originally Posted by Furudanuki
If you are talking about the scene with the two girls sitting under a tree with one playing a guitar, neither of those girls is Haruhi. The girl with the guitar is Takako Nakanishi and the dark-haired girl is Miyuki Enamoto. They are the guitarist and the singer from the band ENOZ, who Haruhi and Yuki stood in for in episode 12. Even though it is a distant shot in this episode, you can tell by their hair color and style as compared with the scene in episode 12 where the band members come to thank Haruhi.
ok, now that i look closer, its not haruhi. thanks for correcting me!

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Old 2006-07-05, 02:45   Link #216
stuck-up feminist
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: California, the supposedly sunny land
Age: 31
Originally Posted by Ardee
- Mikuru and Yuki gave advance warning of how Kyon could escape, but as of the baseball episode, Koizumi still didn't know, which is a little odd. (Or maybe he just wanted to hear Kyon say it?)
Well, that just shows that the esper boy isn't as perceptive as the girls are. By the way it is entirely possible that future Asahina gave Kyon the clue because some time after the event either Haruhi or Kyon actually told her what happened. Which means that only Yuki is the one who actually figured it out on her own. Now that's a bit odd, considering she doesn't seem to understand emotions as well.

Or Koizumi could have just been teasing Kyon in the baseball episode which isn't out of question either.
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Old 2006-07-05, 02:51   Link #217
Absolute Haruhist!
Join Date: Mar 2006
Age: 30
Hmmm I think Koizumi is really teasing.

Since he says that all the espers can sense Haruhi's feelings, thoughts and such, I'm sure he knows that Haruhi has been kissed by Kyon. I also think that Haruhi must certainly have no privacy if she has like 10+ people who knows every single thing she's thinking.
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Old 2006-07-05, 07:34   Link #218
Dansa med oss
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Near Cincinnati, OH, but actually in Kentucky
Age: 30
Wow. That finale was perfect. Imouto waking up Kyon was full of win. So was Mikuru being deeply disturbed at Kyon knowing more about her body than herself. And, of course, Haruhi was the best part of all of it.
Reading all this is one thing - watching it all play out like it did really drives it home. KyoAni now owns my soul and will soon own quite a large part of my income.

Itsuki is Itsuki. He seems to have the same demeanor in ignorance as he does when he knows exactly what's going on. Therefore, he's completely impossible to peg. Between him and Nagato, it's obvious why they never play pok3r in the clubroom.

Originally Posted by C.A.
I also think that Haruhi must certainly have no privacy if she has like 10+ people who knows every single thing she's thinking.
This seems to be a trend in recent anime.
:Cough: Keiichi :cough:
Wait - did you just solve the mystery of Higurashi?
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Old 2006-07-05, 08:31   Link #219
Kinny Riddle
Gone for Good
Join Date: Apr 2004
10 points. A great ending. I liked Kyon's ultimate pick-up phrase, "You look so moe in a ponytail that it's becoming criminally dangerous." and then goes on to kiss Hauhi.

After rebutting Kyon's seemingly nonsensical remark, the "resisting" expression she had when she realizes what Kyon was going to do to her was just cute.

I still prefer the close-up kiss shot for the novel in the end.

Credit to AFK for releasing at such lightning fast pace. AFK's subs are useful for the novel translations as well, for without them, minor errors that would otherwise be unnoticeable would not be corrected quickly.

Looking forward to a second season. But we'll have to wait at least one year and more once Kyo-Ani is done with their 24 episodes of Kanon2006, and then they probably need a short break. Not to mention there's other projects.
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Old 2006-07-05, 09:38   Link #220
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Ontario, Canada
wow...i finally watched episode 14 subs and i vote 10~! i thought the ending was 100% perfect! i love the part before kyon kissed haruhi...^_^ love the sleeping beauty, snow white concept thing too! it about explained everything the way i wanted it to as well. not straight forward but it gave you just a small hint but enough for you to figure it out =D yay <3 suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu!
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