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Old 2006-07-21, 15:34   Link #181
Strike Mk.II
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The only thing Athrun Zala seemed to realise is that he's Athrun Zala, and its something that he had to be reminded of constantly.
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Old 2006-07-21, 15:43   Link #182
Lost in my dreams...
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Originally Posted by shaolo
So if Destiny was Athrun's journey of self realization, what did he realies? It's more better to think less and follow Lacus and company.
Thats exactly what he realises
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Old 2006-07-22, 12:05   Link #183
Eidolon Sniper
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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan
So because he targets non-fatal parts of the MS that means no one ever dies from his hand? Lay off the crazy pills.
Now I'm beginning to wonder who's on the crazy pills...

I was just stating some reasons why some people could believe Kira's no-kill policy. No need to act about it or something.

Originally Posted by Silent Soldier
Well that explains it then. But was it ever mentioned how she is able to get nearly all of the best pilot's except for Shinn and Rey to follow ever word she say's. Even Yzak and Dearka turned coat on zaft the moment the Pink Haired Princesses ship was in danger. Now that is some powerful influence.
No, just some high quality Jedi mind trick. LOL

Lacus is scarier when she's angry, we have all those GOD SUIT raped Gundams to show for it.

Ethereal Exiled Queen. NATCH~~~!!!
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