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Old 2008-05-31, 18:02   Link #161
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 29
I'm Chinese.

I was raised on Chinese dubs of Japanese anime
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Old 2008-06-01, 03:36   Link #162
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Join Date: Jun 2008
i was just flicking thru channels and dats wen i saw ANIMAX & i got addicted!!!
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Old 2008-06-01, 04:48   Link #163
Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius
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Location: Indonesia
Age: 26
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Well i watch Anime since my Age is 3 years old.In Indonesia Anime is Broadcast every Sunday and that i get to Anime
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Old 2008-06-04, 01:59   Link #164
disrespectful heckler
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Age: 30
i had wached anime till i was about seventh grade. at that time i heard a proffesor ask "how many people still wach cartoons, come on don't be shy". few people raised there hand so i felt embaressed. since then i decided to stop waching anime/cartoons.

later in life, about when i was 18 or 19 (I'm close to 21 now), i was sitting in my room that summer with my lab-top. and that day with the professer crossed my mind. i though about how many people i knew who were older still wached anime. so i decided to look some up on you-tube. i hearn full metal alchemist was a good one so i wach that. i'm hooked on anime agian , and i'm at the age now that i don't care about what people think about me. looks i'll be waching anime and playing video games till the day i die.
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Old 2008-06-04, 07:49   Link #165
Alone in the dark
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Age: 31
hmm i was thrown into the thick of it the first time i saw anime, general anime i watch now is stuff that tbh almost anyone above the age of 12 can watch.
But when i was i think 13 or 14 i walked into the front room around 11:00pm i think it was and my dad was watching sci fi channel and it had some anime on ..forget what it was atm but i started watching it ..and omg ..what a shock from the normal western cartoons .. .blood, guts ..language ..insane ..well at the time it felt insane.. but i loved it ..was so different and cool.
From that point on every friday night i would turn on the sci fi channel and watch the anime it had on for about 3 hours... unfortunatly i found this out after it had been going for a while and it was promptly canceld about 2 months after i started watching it.

After that i didnt get back into it till last year. (i didnt have the means to obtain anime till then)

EDIT: ofcourse i watched what anime i could find on TV like DBZ ,Tenchi Muyo, OutlawStar etc ..all of which were shown on Cartoon Network / Toonami. But not all of the series shown were really good ..i did like Outlaw Star ..think that was the most 'grown up' anime actualyl shown on Toonami to date lol. I also liked DBZ but that started to drag on after a while tbh

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Old 2008-06-04, 14:20   Link #166
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Location: Buenos Aires Argentina
Age: 28
I watched Dragonball, Saint Seya and even Pokemon without knowing what was anime... the some goes for most of the ppl of my age xD

But what really got my interest in anime was Full Metal Alquemist that was airing on TV. Then i guess i was lucky since the first anime i found to download was Full Metal Panic and Fate Stay Night. After that .. well the rest is the same to everyone xD
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Old 2008-06-04, 20:01   Link #167
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: United States
Age: 41
Hmm, I started watching DBZ. Back then I thought it was just a cartoon and I had no clue what anime was. But, I've always liked cartoons so I watched it and got engrossed in the story line and then got frustrated with it and stopped watching it. Then I happened to have FMA playing on adult swim in the background while I fiddled around on the computer. The next thing I knew, I was completely taken in by it. I had to see all of it from beginning to end. Ordered the entire box set. Now, I am hopelessly addicted.
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Old 2008-06-12, 19:07   Link #168
Anime Freak
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Well....I was whatching Tv one day and i was looking through the guide and i saw a show called Inuyasha so I Thought "That sounds cool" so then i watched it and i immeditley got obseeded with anime!! And im reaaly glad i did. Now im obsessed with Fullmetal Alchmist!!
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Old 2008-06-12, 19:25   Link #169
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: British Columbia
I reaaallly don't know. xD Started with Pokemon and Digimon on T.V. from like Cartoon Net and Fox...and yeah. Something about the art style attracted me xD It wasn't until i figured out how to use a computer that I started watching anime though. xD And currently, I think I watch too much.
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Old 2008-06-12, 20:41   Link #170
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Age: 26
i started liking anime because i remember like... 4-5 years ago or so... when i finally had cable i started watching rurouni kenshin on toonami i think that was wat got me into it XD
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Old 2008-06-20, 18:35   Link #171
Seen 379 Cat-Girl Ears
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it started with not being permitted to watch pokemon until i brushed my teeth and it was a natural progression from there.
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Old 2011-11-27, 07:19   Link #172
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When I was a kid, I used to watch stuff like Doraemon( Chinese Dub), and of course, Totoro(translated as "Dragon Cat"). There was a lot of anime on TV, but I didn't really pay as much attention or bother remembering them. Sure, there was pokemon, but that was pretty mainstream. I vaguely remember watching Chuka Ichiban. I think I started actually watching seriously in sixth grade(helped that some of my friends were anime fans).

And, there was toonami.
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Old 2011-11-27, 09:17   Link #173
Endless Soul
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When I watched anime as a kid, I didn't realize I was watching anime. Speed Racer, Starblazers, Battle of the Planets, even some Voltron (which I ended up hating). I thought they were just cartoons that were better and more interesting than other cartoons. It wasn't until I discovered Robotech/Macross that I realized I was watching anime. I've been hooked ever since.
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Old 2011-11-27, 09:24   Link #174
Marcus H.
Toji Affairs Secretary
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Location: the Philippines
My early years in life have TVs showing dubbed Evangelion, and I started to watch anime when B't X and Magic Knight Rayearth were shown in local television. Still dubbed.

Nonetheless, it sparked my interest in anime.

Long live Filipino anime broadcasting.
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Old 2011-11-27, 10:06   Link #175
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Somewhere in Asia
my country is where copyright law not when i was a child, there are ton of pirated manga around and almost every TV channel (even the national one) air anime without any permission from the creator every morning, noon, after school and evening. the most popular anime were Doraemon, DBZ,pokemon.... there even been a doraemon fever here that children try to act like characters from doraemon. but back there, i didn't know that they were anime, just thought they are simply "cartoon". i stopped watching them when i was about 12 or 13. but about a year ago, a game forum which i join suddenly have a massive number of rozen maiden fan, they everywhere, putting rozen maiden as the avatar, sig. i got curios to watch it and loved it, after that, i started to search for anime, read anime news, join anime forum, actively watching anime... and that how i got into anime
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Old 2011-11-27, 10:19   Link #176
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Age: 27
Copy-pasta'd from this older post:

The first anime I ever watched through more than 5 episodes was Rurouni Kenshin back in the late 1990's. I had trouble remembering the character names and plot, but it was nice and fair entertainment for me. At that age, Rurouni Kenshin was simply above average compared to those silly shows on Cartoon Network and the like. I didn't have any standards so what I would later recognize to be 'anime' was at that time just another fun cartoon, just with blood in it. I saw some other anime around that time but none was quite as interesting or memorable as Rurouni Kenshin, and I can't even remember their names.

Now the first anime that truly absorbed me was Pokemon. Around 2000-2003 I went bananas over the Pokemon anime. This was probably the time when I first learned about the word 'anime'. During that time when Pokemon was the meaning of my life, I watched close to no other anime. Seeing the horribly dubbed anime prompted me to play the games and my gaming life (as well as a meaty portion of my real life) ended up dominated by playing Pokemon. I started to lose interest in the anime gradually starting around 2003, the release of the great Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon games undoubtedly a contributing factor. Still, a stubborn little part of me expected the show to get better at some point or change into something different, even as my interest in the episodes of the anime itself petered out into oblivion. Looking back on the show and rewatching some of the earlier episodes for curiosity, I'd be lying if I said it holds no nostalgia value. But the abhorrently low quality of the animation and writing (emphasis on writing) far outweighs any wistful feelings of the past for this show.

I eventually thought to myself that I really needed to see some other anime than Pokemon. I was convinced that there was something out there in the medium that could surprise me and free me from the grasp of the Pokemon anime. However, I was lost as to which show to try out, until in late 2005 a certain special someone suggested I watch the film Howl's Moving Castle. This film shattered my perspective of anime and greatly broadened my horizons on the limits of animation in general. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I feel that Howl's Moving Castle changed my life.

After that, I looked up Miyazaki Hayao and Studio Ghibli on the internet and watched tons of other Miyazaki films, almost all of which I adored. Because Ghibli only had so much to offer I got some other anime I randomly saw around, including some shounen action anime. I watched and enjoyed the first twenty-something episodes of Naruto but stopped for some reason I can't even remember. I watched some of the 2003 series of Fullmetal Alchemist but gave up halfway through, probably out of boredom from the filler. (I would later finish the series in early 2009.) In retrospect, even though I wasn't committed to watching anime TV series, in 2006 I saw anime as a preferable medium to everything else and started to finally become an entry level anime fan. Still, that was just scratching the surface.

In 2007, I got more committed to watching TV anime. I saw Death Note and Neon Genesis Evangelion, both of which I loved. Admittedly, it gave me a thrill to be watching the 'more niche' anime as opposed to Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. (At that time, the Death Note anime had just finished and hadn't reached its top popularity among western anime fans yet.) At the same time I watched the extremely length Yuyu Hakusho, which I found to be noticeably much sillier than the other two shows I mentioned, but was still fun.

My tastes were broadening but eventually came to be more focused on the oft-dreaded otaku side of anime in 2008. This was mostly thanks to Kyoto Animation's excellent adaptations of Kanon and Air. When I saw Kanon for the first time, it felt like I was watching a movie. I also watched Gurren Lagann in 2008, an amazing anime that made me want to mock almost all draggy shounen action series. By the end of 2008, anime had a strong influence on my life in pretty much the same way as Pokemon did before, except not as one monopolizing series but as a medium of preference. And it is November of that year when I registered on Animesuki forums.

Since I got here in 2008 to now in 2011, the amount of anime series I've watched has multiplied nearly 9-fold. I have become attached to the anime medium for better or worse. I watch currently running anime almost every concurrent season. At the same time I am constantly seeking out older anime and anime from varying genres, as well as critically acclaimed anime and critically panned anime. I've gained a thirst for discovering more in this medium, and as I'm still a bit of a newbie compared to some others here, I can't predict what will happen next.
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Old 2011-11-27, 13:57   Link #177
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Location: Indonesia
My first animes are Doraemon and Candy-Candy waaay back even before I was in first grade in elementary school. Both of them are two of the first animes ever aired in my country. The local station aired both of them back-to-back on Sunday morning with Doraemon first. While Doraemon is light, cheerful and episodic, Candy-Candy is heavy (most of the times), melancholic and continuous. So, itís kinda balanced anime experience. The TV people who arranged it was smart, I think. At that time, I knew that they are cartoons from Japan since in Doraemon, they mentioned Japan and Japanís tradition a lot and Candy2xís OP and ED got japanese letters in them.

After that, comes the barrage of the Ďreal-dealí anime such as Saint Seiya, Go-Lion, Gaiking, Starvengers, Grandizer, SDF Macross, Lady Oscar (Rose of Versailles), Remy/Remi, G-Force (Americanized Gatchaman) and Speed Racer (Americanized) when I was in Elem school. Since I already experienced Candy2x, I have no problem following them. Since then, I was entirely into anime. The fondness became obsession when Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) was aired. Itís when Kenshin aired in my country that a lot of people (mostly teenagers my age, boys and girls) began to search for anime OSTs and theme songs and all of them are crazy about all things samurai. It had such a huge impact here.

After that the numbers of animes being aired in the local stations has been increasing.
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Old 2011-11-29, 09:18   Link #178
Akuma Kousaka
Zolushka Lyubov' Live!
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The way I got into this whole pastime was pretty a-typical, I find. Very technically speaking Pokemon would have to be the first anime I watched but of course I didn't know there were any foreign influences. Meanwhile, Digimon, DBZ and Sailor Moon were all shows that I knew were quite different from, say, PPG or Looney Toons, but nothing else beyond that.

However I would say I first became acquainted with the medium in proper when a friend of mine introduced me to Negima! a few years back; needless to say that as a total newcomer my impressions of this stuff basically amounted to this stuff is cartoon porn. And indeed, the moe' in that series also didn't serve to help me get into it and I actually wouldn't touch "cute" things like Cardcaptor Sakura with a 10ft pole.

And then I decided to give that anime I wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole a shot, and the rest is history. Well you see part of my namesake so there.
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Old 2011-11-29, 11:06   Link #179
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I guess I had a latent interest in it. At first I was just playing some JRPGs and watching stuff like DBZ and Magic Knight Rayearth on TV. Then I met some people who were into anime that gave me some stuff to watch and a few of my friends began watching too. I guess I was finally pushed over the edge watching shows like EVA, FMA, Gundam SEED and the original Naruto.
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Old 2011-11-29, 12:43   Link #180
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Well then, this is a doozy of a question isn't it just!

Back in 1991 I was a young British-Pakistani Lad in England watching late night TV in my dads bedroom as the rest of the house was sleeping and my dad was out somewhere or other galavanting with his mates and I came across a cartoon.

"A cartoon on TV after midnight!?!?! What the hell is going on?" I thought, and thus I had to investigate. So started my first foray into anime, with the fondly remembered but never finished (watching) "legend of the four kings". A pretty good intro I think in retrospect, all honourable and good versus bad and hell I just thought it was another cartoon wit ha bit more action and BLOOD!

Well, this was a season of anime on channel4 and the anime they showed after that series blew my face off my head. Urotsukidoji, Devil Man, Wicked City, hell of an education for an 11 year old, right?

Anyhows, they stopped and my fascination had only just started, over the years I heard of the odd movie here and there and jumped on it like it was going out of fashion but that's all I had.

Fast forward to 2001, a friend of mine online (gaming clan mate) introduces me to the online anime scene and from there, IT'S A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY!!!

sorry for the wall of text,

for all you tl;dr-types. 1991, cartoons, violence and a small bit of me being a naughty boy and watching TV when everyone was asleep.
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