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Old 2006-07-14, 15:10   Link #1
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
Hoshizora Kiseki

Hoshizora Kiseki 星空キセキ (Miracle of the Starry Sky)

Web OVA, available for two weeks starting 10 July on Yahoo (in Japan only). DVD available August 3.

From AnimeNfo:
Kozue, a member of an astronomical club, is a girl who longs for a starry sky and love. During the summer break, she set out a journey with a shining fragment of a meteor, feeling someone calling her, believing that a star will answer to her. During her trip, she meets a boy with sad eyes in an astronomy museum. Although she is getting attracted by him, his calling departs them mercilessly, and Kozue tries to open his closed mind. Under the innumerable stars in the sky, a night of miracle begins…

I enjoyed it, but perhaps not as much as I'd hoped. It's a simple story, against a complex background. The animation and backgrounds are interesting and beautiful. The star's voice acting is good, too. She's Hosono Yumiko, who played Honoka in Suzuka and has appeared in movie and drama as well.

I appreciated the fact that Kozue was drawn broad-hipped and not that gorgeous. She was interesting, nice-looking, and sympathetic.

The director is Watanabe Akio, who did character design and animation direction for Soul Taker, and character design for Nurse Witch Komugi, Magical Kanan, and Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko. He did almost everything on this OVA: director, screenplay, storyboard, character design, animation direction and color design.

Official site
Anime News Network
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Old 2006-07-14, 15:37   Link #2
Resident devil
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Philippines
Well I was able to watch on my Philippine IP

The second video is an interview with some creator, don't know if its the director or not, I didn't understand what they were saying except they mentioned the words, "otaku", and "moe".

I appreciated the fact that Kozue was drawn broad-hipped and not that gorgeous. She was interesting, nice-looking, and sympathetic.
She's drop dead gorgeous!!! And uber-moe!!!

The show was only 25 mins. Yes it seemed like they crammed too much stuff in there, and it didn't feel as otherworldy as Hoshi no Koe. But I guess this is 'regular' anime. It has a nice theme song, though it got reused too much.

A raw is now floating about. I'm curious though since yahoo did force us to upgrade DRM.

..forgot to mention it has the longest sequence ever of a naked boy in any anime I have ever seen...ever. Not that I care.

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Old 2006-07-15, 13:24   Link #3
Senior Member
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naked boy... Vampiyan Kids pilot
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Old 2006-07-15, 14:19   Link #4
Shi-Fa Staff
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Does anyone want the raw?
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Old 2006-07-15, 19:23   Link #5
Resident devil
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Philippines
We know where to get it...its exactly a rip of the HQ stream.

Upon rewatching...hmmm it may be a simple enough story. I thought what Kozue had strapped on her back was a lacrosse stick...and then realized it was a telescope. What a geek
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Old 2006-07-16, 19:23   Link #6
Join Date: Mar 2003
I was looking forward to it, mostly because Watanabe Akio was that much involved with it. SoulTaker and Yohko had particularly outstanding style and I love his character designs.

Hoshizora Kiseki is nice. It is a simple story, there is not much background to it, neither does is have a deeper meaning than what was shown. It jumps around and shows only the most important scenes and it works in that way. Some nice bits of animation, overall nothing outstanding, nor remotely on the level of a Shinkai Makoto, but it does fit overall. If there's one thing which needed heavy improvement, it was the music, having just one nice piece and playing it over and over again doesn't quite work.

Anyway, a short and nice watch, lacking any impact but enjoyable in its own way. :)
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Old 2006-07-16, 21:56   Link #7
Doremi-fansubs founder
Join Date: Mar 2004
I was severeley disappointed. This was one strange OAV. Nothing made sense except for the simple romance part. Spacesuits? Huh?

AIR 2005! Kanon 2006! CLANNAD 2007-2008! Planetarian OAV/Movie 2010?
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