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Old 2010-10-17, 20:52   Link #141
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Originally Posted by Wiggy Fuzz View Post
that was an omake episode from a filler arc.

and you bumped a 3 year old topic, too.
Animesuki is all about bumping threads new or otherwise. That being said, Kenpachi will never get a bankai. He is too strong already.
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Old 2010-10-22, 02:30   Link #142
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Originally Posted by Wiggy Fuzz View Post
besides, kenpachi has never struck me as the serious type, since his fight against ichigo. all his later battles have been because the enemy looked at the skinny man and said "yeah, i can take him".

bad move.

unlike a character, like vegeta from dragonball z, kenpachi probably wouldn't show off his bankai to anybody. it's the squad 10 principle.
You said he wouldn't show his bankai to anybody because of his squads principles (you didn't say he wouldn't get it or that he wouldn't use it)but doesn't it come to your mind that something may happen like when Yumichika Ayasegawa fought against Charlotte Cuuhlhourne in which Yumichika used his bankai even though of his principles and yeah Kenopachi is strong but that doesn't mean he cannot get stronger and he since he fought Ichigo he said t he wants to get stronger meaning sooner or later we will probably be seeing his bankai,zanpakutou or something like that but we all have different opinions we will just have to wait until more episodes and see if he really gets it or not.
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