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Old 2011-01-29, 20:34   Link #21
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Currently only one torrent is visible on the tracker:

It lists TV-Nihon for episodes 1-21.

The URL used for this is non-specific, it simply links to the TV nihon site. Is there a way to make this more specific? I located the torrent in question on that site and I think it might help curious people if we linked directly to it:

Another thing is, there's a 2nd torrent for YGO not listed on the AnimeSuki tracker for episodes 22-27. Well actually it is 20-27, because there is a "version 2" of episodes 20 and 21:

So presumably, someone should use the first tracker to get 1-19 and deselect 20-21 and then get the entirety of the second one.

So, could the first tracker be more specific, and can we link to the 2nd one for the rest up to 27?

Too bad the whole thing's not batched, merging those would be nice, it'd suck if someone downloaded 20-1 twice.

This second torrent which is absent from the tracker also includes the movie for this original series. The Animesuki tracker for this is absent:

So while I don't know of a sole torrent for the first movie, it is included. Would it perhaps be possible to simply merge tracker 1288 into tracker 543 and that way the movie would be listed if the proposed Nihon torrent is added?

Alternatively, linking to it with a note that the torrent includes the final episodes in addition to the movie.

Tracker 1288 also doesn't link to a forum, since it is simply an extension of the first series, rather than create a new thread I thought perhaps this thread could be used to talk about the original serie's accompanying film as well.

The fansub group #Yugioh! numbers their episodes using negatives. So episode -27 is actually episode 1 and episode -1 would be episode 27.
This note is confusing as I do not see a #YuGiOh, are they the group whose work is on TvNihon?

Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
For what I can see, the last 3 epis of this season havent been subbed yet. Im amusing you mean that and not the licensed stuff after it since you cant ask that here.
These three seem to be included based on the description of the torrent on Nihon I linked. This was added in November 2008, longer after this thread ceased being active, so it makes sense that it wasn't talked about at the time.

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Old 2017-10-28, 21:44   Link #22
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Surprised no one's talking about Twitch streaming the show!
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