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Old 2006-07-22, 14:35   Link #1
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Name that Character's Nature [Manga Spoilers]

Figure it'd be fun to try to figure out everyone's nature based on the newest manga arcs and what we know:

Basic Natures:


Light / Yin
Dark / Yang

Combined Natures or Alternate names of Basic Natures:

Sound (wind?)
Ice (wind / water)
Wood (water / earth)
Shadow (dark?)
Mist / Steam (fire / water?)

Now those aren't all, but just off top of my head. Let's get onto characters.

The Leaf:

Naruto - Wind - Confirmed

Saskue - Fire / Dark / Lightning - Unconfirmed - Naruto speculates on fire / lightning due to Uchiha and Chidori, but no one confirms it

Sakura - Light (healing maybe?) - Unconfirmed

Kakashi - Lightning / Earth - Lightning Confirmed, used earth jutsus during series, but unknown otherwise

Sai - Ink based manipulation. Dark and wind? I have no idea to be honest. Could just be a chakra manipulation by running it through the ink and no actual nature.

Yamato - Water / Earth - Confirmed

Kurenai - she seemed to be a illusion based - wind for assaulting the 5 sense (sound manipulation, smell, etc)

Rock Lee - none

Gai - unknown, only noticed taijutsu, could be anything

Shino - Bugs being earth maybe?

Hinata - lightning for nerve / chakra point manipulation

Ten-ten - wind for manipulating the weapons (could be chakra based manipulationa nd not nature though)

Neji - lightning

Chouji - Fat (unknown)

Kiba - unknown

Shikamaru - Dark - Unconfirmed

Ino - dark for mind control?

Asuma - Unknown

Orochimaru Lackies:

Kimimaru - Earth / Water - Unconfirmed, just my guess as bones come from the earth in one technique and water for the body being made of like 80% water

Kabuto - Light / Dark - uses healing techniques, so light, but seems evil uses of them, but unknown and Unconfirmed

Sound Nins from Chounin Arc - Wind based - Unconfirmed (sound carried on wind, but I dont know)


Orochimaru - Dark / probably others - Unconfirmed

Tsunade - Light (healing) - Unconfirmed

Jiriya - No clue, seen use needles of underworld and other random jutsus, nothing that screams a specific nature. good with seals. Maybe dark? (seals being a dark jutsu, underworld in a jutsu name = dark? )


The Third - All of them? - Was master of jutsus, seemed to use everything. Hard to tell to be honest.

The fourth - wind for yellow flash, probably others

Sand Nin:

Gaara - Sand = wind and earth

Kankuro - unknown - assume puppets are chakra manipulation

Temari - wind for fan

Mist Nin:

Haku - Wind / Water - Confirmed for Ice and Bloodline

Zabusa - Water


Kisame - water

Deidara - earth adn water = clay?

Itachi - Fire / Dark - Unconfirmed (assumed for Sharingan)

Zetsu - Earth / Water for his plant based jutsu / fly trap thing

I'll try to update this if we get more information or collectively decide someone is a specific nature.
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Old 2006-07-23, 10:13   Link #2
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About master gai, Kakashi said that gai reminded rock lee of gai when he was young. Master gai is also an all taijutsu user. An akutski member said that he was a taijutsu user.
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Old 2006-07-23, 14:53   Link #3
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If Dark and Light(or Yin and Yang or whatever) were elements, Kakashi would have included them in the list. But he didn't, so they must be something else entirely.
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Old 2006-07-23, 15:01   Link #4
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healing is fire

and there is no sound chackra type only village
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Old 2006-07-23, 20:45   Link #5
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Actually Kakashi said that once you become jounin you can use at least 2.
So for sanin and hokage they can prolly use 3 or 4. . .
and combined they would really be using like 6 to 10. Scary.
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