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Old 2006-11-29, 01:40   Link #1
da big boss
Join Date: Jul 2006
[Manga]What is the end for them?[spoilers]

Who do you think is going to finish off each villain in Naruto thus far. Here is my predictions:

Orochimaru defeated by Naruto/Sasuke- I feel like Sasuke is going to help Naruto beat Oro when he recruits him back to Konoha.

Kabuto defeated by Kikashi- There's been a lot of hype about how Kabuto and Kikashi are on the same level. I think this is Kishi's way of foreshadowing events to come.

Sasuke defeated by Naruto- No explanation needed

Itachi defeated by Sasuke- Sasuke is going to eventually beat Itachi, though I feel like Sasuke is going to die in this fight and probably take Itachi with him.

Akatsuki Leader defeated by Naruto- I feel like this is going to be a final battle showdown.

Deidara defeated by Gaara- I just feel like Gaara may have a score to settle with him...uhhh

Zetsu defeated by?- I don't have enough information to tell you this one.

Tobi defeated by Kikashi- Its been speculated that Tobi is actually Obito, I for one support this theory and feel like Kikashi is going to be the one to beat him.

Kisame defeated by Gai- Kisame and Gai have an on going rivalry that's going to be settled one way or another. Though I'm a bit concerned about this one. In order to beat Kisame, Gai may have to open up the eighth gate which may mean the end of him.

Kakuzu defeated by ?- I don't know about him either, but for some reason I have a strange feeling he's going to be killed by a member of his own team. I guess because he seems to be more loyal to money than the organization. Maybe his greed is going to catch up to him someday and that in someway is going to be the thing that kills him.

Hidan defeated by Shikamaru & co.- He's dead in the next chapter buddy just wait.

Tell me about how you think its going to end for the villains.
Ya know, when a man works hard his entire life enduring hundreds of ladies, many of whom he does not even remember you'd like to think that at the end of the day he will be given a lot of money, without having had to earn it. -Leon Phelps
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Old 2006-11-29, 02:40   Link #2
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Here's what I hope to see:

Oro - Jiraiya and/or Tsunade (I want to see a conclusion to the Sannin fight)
Kabuto - ODs on some of his drugs
Sasuke - Sakura and/or Ino (I think that'd be and interesting match up)
Itachi - Sasuke (it's inevitable, after all)
AL - Naruto (same as above)
Deidara - Gaara (I like the idea of payback)
Zetsu - Hit by a stray bottle of Roundup
Tobi - Kakashi steals his other eye, then throws a huge boulder on top of him (this time, stay down)
Kisame - Fishernin
Kakuzu - Some random guy kills him for his bounty (what comes around...)
Hidan - Suicide ("Whoops, forgot to draw my circle before impaling myself... but it feels sooooo good.")
All other Akatsuki members - Cave collapses or something... dunno.
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Old 2006-11-29, 02:50   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
I say almost everyone on the list gets killed by Naruto ...
Especially Itachi. So that Sasgay gets emo about it and attempts to commit suicide. Naruto beats him to it by uber-rasenganing him.
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Old 2006-11-29, 07:33   Link #4
Thunder King
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Australia
What about Kyuubi? I've heard at least 4 characters mention that the seal is starting to weaken. I reckon he'll be the last opponent for Naruto, and then Naruto will find the only way to defeat the Kyuubi is to give up his life and seal it in his son, and the cycle will repeat itself
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Old 2006-11-29, 07:48   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
AL vs Jiraiya, Tsunade, Oro : D

Enemy of an enemy is a friend? : P

Garra vs Zetsu should also be good, similar jutsus?
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Old 2006-11-29, 10:57   Link #6
Ultimate sand beast
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Lusitania
Age: 28
Originally Posted by Hir0 View Post
Garra vs Zetsu should also be good, similar jutsus?
In what way do they have similar jutsos ? we didn't se zetsu fight yet!
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Old 2006-11-29, 11:00   Link #7
Dragon of the Shadows
Join Date: Nov 2006
Age: 28
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That theory about Tobi being Obito has only just hit me! :O Tobi's mask. Like has ONE peep hole. Obito is missing an eye... Oh man I so hope Tobi IS Obito but like with a hidden plan and turns on the Akatsuki!
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Old 2006-11-29, 13:41   Link #8
Mr. Johnny 5
Konoha's ANBU
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 31
Hidan - Team Asuma
Kakuzu - Team Asuma/Kakashi (in particulair)
Zetsu - Hyuuga Neji (doujutsu battle)
Tobi - Uzumaki Naruto (to clumpsy and jokers fighting)
Deidara - Uchiha Sasuke (both are very cocky but Deidara will lose in this case)
Kisame - Orochimaru (power battle)
Itachi - 3rd Mangekyou Sharingan User (he'll become a quick prey to this guy, because Itachi lacks...hatred )
Unknown Member - Tsunade
Unknown Leader - Jiraiya&Tsunade
Orochimaru - Uzumaki Naruto (to make sure he doesnt take over Sasuke who will just watch)
Kabuto - Sakura (medical battle)
3rd Mangekyou Sharingan User - Naruto [Kyuubi 9 tails]
Kyuubi vs Naruto will end in a draw....both will die..

Sasuke will get beaten atleast 3x by Naruto

Sasuke will remain banned but he'll be a valueable source to Naruto.

Once Naruto becomes Hokage he'll have Sasuke as his personal spy, assasin.
Since he's not any part of any village he can freely enter any country or village he wants...without involving Konoha.
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