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Old 2014-10-04, 11:35   Link #1
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Spoiler Policy Clarification for Fate/stay night UBW TV Anime Threads (Deprecated)

This is a work in progress and may be revised by myself and the other mods over the next while to add further clarifications. These rules are subject to change if we find it necessary in order to preserve on-topic discussion and reduce the risk of unwanted spoilers.

Regarding UBW TV Anime Threads, including Episode Threads

Allowed when FULLY behind properly-labelled spoiler tags
  • Comparisons to the Fate/Zero anime
  • Comparisons of content already shown in the current anime to the same content shown in the previous anime or anime movie.

These comparisons will only be allowed in cases where they are relevant and on-topic to the thread in question. Anything that derails the thread may be pruned/deleted. Any comparison that is not entirely covered behind properly-labelled spoiler tags may be subject to deletion and warnings/bans.

"Properly-labelled" means that you must identify what you are comparing to. For example, if you are comparing to Fate/Zero Episode 1, please say something like "Comparison to Fate/Zero Episode 1" as your spoiler tag label. Do not put a spoiler in the label, or describe the spoiler contents themselves -- just describe what material you are referring to. Failure to use a proper label (or leaving the label blank) may also be subject to moderation.

Not allowed IN ANY CASE (Not allowed even behind spoiler tags!)
  • Any information from the game, at all. (No matter which route)
  • Anything from any other Fate universe game, novel, manga, or supplemental material (i.e. guidebooks, etc.)
  • Any content shown in the previous anime/movie but not yet adapted in the new anime (i.e. "future content")

A separate thread will be used for these sorts of comparisons, and should not be included in anime threads at all. Any such posts will be deleted on-sight.

Please report any post that does not follow these guidelines, or otherwise breaks any aspect of our Spoiler Policy.

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Old 2014-10-12, 12:51   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2003
Age: 34
Some points I'm adding for further clarification about spoilers in episode threads:

1. Untagged comparisons
If you're comparing to Fate/Zero or the DEEN anime, you have to put it behind properly-labelled spoiler tags. If you want to talk about the VN, LNs, or other material, it isn't allowed in this thread at all, ever, even if you think it's minor/"inconsequential". (This is because even small things often open the doors to debates about bigger things, so it simply isn't allowed in that thread. Please use the spoiler thread instead.)

2. Replying to tagged content
If someone's comment is behind spoiler tags, your reply must always be behind properly-labelled spoiler tags as a matter of course, even if *you* aren't posting "spoilers". (Otherwise, the content behind tags gets leaked through people reading the open reply.)

3. No Hinting
If you're a source reader, you can't provide any hints in anime threads. You can't be like "oh I'm just pointing this out; it's all in the anime..." Just no. We treat this like spoilers and you'll be banned.

4. Bad Actors
Related to the above, there are always some people who like to "pretend" they're anime-only viewers, while actually posting tons of spoiler hints under the guise of "things I've noticed" or whatever. In my view, there is a special place in Forum Hell for those people. If you spot them, please report them so they can be banned -- perhaps permanently from the site. If you know the source (or read all the spoilers), don't ever pretend you don't know something if you do.

5. Don't reply, just report
If you see content that breaks the rules, please just report it and don't reply. If you reply, it stretches out the tangent, and then other people might start actually replying to the content itself, which will get them in trouble... Please don't quote rule-breaking content either, even if you want to point out that it's breaking the rules, as it's just harder to clean up. Simply report the content with the Report button and let the staff deal with it.

Edit: Also adding this:

If someone doesn't understand something in the anime or makes false assumptions that lead to inaccurate hasty conclusions... your job as a source reader who knows the truth in [episode and anime-only] threads is to stay silent. Let people have their misunderstandings, and if they want to blame the studio for non-issues, let them. Don't correct them, don't explain the reason, don't hint that more information is forthcoming... nothing.

Basically: always let people be wrong. They'll be corrected in time.

I realize from personal experience that this is the hardest thing to do as a source reader, because you really want to reassure people... but resist the urge.

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