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Old 2006-07-30, 08:15   Link #1
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Attacker You!

Hello to all!!! I saw some old anime (for example, Peter Pan and the anime about D'Artagnan) listed in the site and I ask if it's possible to see listed "Attacker You" one day... This sport anime make me in love with volley and it's very nice, the most remarkable thing in "Attacker You" is the lessons about what sport really is!!!
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Old 2006-07-30, 08:33   Link #2
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You probably want to read our FAQ and Site Guide.

The FAQ entry that is of perticular interest to you would be this one:
Q: Can you share (insert episode/series here) for me?
A: AnimeSuki does not create nor share any of the files listed on the site.
AnimeSuki is merely an index of links to other sites who host torrent files,
so we can not add torrents to our database that do not exist elsewhere.
... by which I mean: No, we cannot list it for you because until someone fansubs it and torrents it, we cannot list it... However, if it is currently not licensed and someone makes a fansub of it in English and they share it via BitTorrent... we will probably list it, as per our Listing Policy.
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Old 2007-12-23, 21:48   Link #3
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What is this anime about?
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Old 2007-12-24, 02:44   Link #4
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Originally Posted by strategos View Post
What is this anime about?
About a prodigy-who-doesn't-know-she-is-one volleyball player going through highschool volleyball and then aiming for Seoul Olympics Gold.

I always got a weird Sailor Moon vibe in it in that Yuu (the protagonist) basically acts like a total klutz in the same way Usagi was but is able to pull things through. Sports-wise of course.

Personally, it's one of my favorite oldies and it's nice to see somebody attempt to sub it, though at a snail's pace.
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Old 2007-12-24, 13:55   Link #5
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Basicly Aim for the Ace, but as a volly ball then
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Old 2010-09-17, 12:05   Link #6
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I just download it the other day and I'm gonna watch it It looks interesting
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