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Old 2006-07-31, 17:57   Link #1
The Alpha and the Omega
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[GSD] R1 DVD Volume 3 review

Well, here we are again with another GSD release. I'm about a week late with my little mini-review, but oh This month, we get Sting and the Chaos for the cover.

I'm writing this as I watch it, and as far as the menu screen goes, its the same as the previous two, though something I noticed that I need to check on Vol. 2 is that the background audio is the Impulse docking effects over music from PHASE 1, which in no way matches the secenes of the Freedom and Impulse among other images we see on the menu. A little disappointing. They should have just stuck withthe background audio like the SEED releases.

I'm liking the VA for Djibril. His rant at the start of PHASE 11 is really well voiced IMO. Still no non-translated version of the opening, and this was the last chance for us to get one of OP1. I really dislike Yuna's voice. I like Brian Drummond quite a bit as Andy, but man, he sounds like he had to inhale helium for Yuna's voice. The tone Yzak has when he talks to Athrun at Nicol's grave is interesting since its so calm compared to the usually pissed off Yzak. Nothing much else about PHASE 11 taht stands out.

For PHASE 12, we get the Zamza-zah battle, and I'm impressed that the dub didn't botch the pronunciation or make it sound totally stupid. Scott McNeil (Duo Maxwell) voices the commander of the Zamza-zah crew. I like his voice so it was nice to hear him voicing the commander. Todoka's VA is good. A real calm voice that fits his personality.

Moving on to PHASE 13, we get the return of Kira and the Freedom to action. Not that anyone will probably care, but Haro sounds just as before. One thing that bugs me is that Murrue calls Lacus "Miss Lacus". I more expected Murrue to just call her Lacus, while all the kids, Kira and Lacus would call her Miss Murrue and Andy Mr. Waltfeld (which indeed Kira and Lacus do). I like that when Kira is hugging Lacus, in the dub, she says "I'm Sorry" instead of repeating "Kira" for the 10th time like the original Japanese version. It makes it more emotional that she's sorry he has to fight again because they are after her. Good change on Bandai's part. Oh, and the 2 guys that the ZAFT Black Ops team commander mentions as th eFreedom launches, their dubbed names are Oluan and Kramnik, opposed to Olga and Kranick like most of the subs called them. Also, we did get the updated DVD version of the episode where the ASH missile pods are destroyed by the beam rifle attacks from the Freedom.

Last, PHASE 14. New OP and ED for this episode. Of course nothing is changed from the original Japanese versions other than the translated credits. They did a voiceover for Cagalli's letter, but I wish they had done what they did for the Orb Memorial in PHASE 13 and at least subbed it. Brian Drummond does a good job of copying his Japanese counterpart (Kenji Nojima) when he does Yuna's girlish sobbing as Kira takes Cagalli. I like that Kira doesn't apologize when he cuts down the 2 Murasame's, he just says "No can do." when they tell him to land.

As far as extras go, even though this is the first 4 episode volume, we still get screwed and get no additional extras except a textless opening #2. Assuming we get a textless ED2 on Vol. 4, maybe Vol. 5 will have something different, like a music video. I kind of liked the videos we got on the SEED sets.

Trailers are once again GITS and Planetes, just like the previous 2 volumes...I really hope Bandai gets some new trailers out soon.

I haven't noticed it in the earlier volumes, mainly because I never use the setup menu because I am used to my remote, but the Subtitle setup lists options for either full subs or just songs and signs. Good little touch to add in.

Anyway, that pretty much wraps up my review for this round. Next volume should be coming in October, so I'll have another review then. Hopefully I won't have to wait an extra week.

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Old 2006-07-31, 20:46   Link #2
Mr. Folgers! Wassup, suh?
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I have to disagree, I think Yuna's voice is perfect in the dub (I actually think the dub far succeeds the original version of GSD). I hated Lacus in Seed's dub but the woman who voices her is perfect for Meer, so I'll just have to put up with the Lacus for another season. All of the new character voices are dead-on, especailly Durandal, Djibril, Shinn and Rey. A lot of why I hate Shinn is because his Japanese voice actor sucked so much. The English one sounds much better. The dub script is very good and it removes nearly all of the ambiguity of the original translation. Great work by the script adaptor.

I'm diappointed in the extras too. Nearly every Gundam series has had tech specs in the extras section, but GSD doesn't. Very weak. I actually am glad they didn't include the OP with Japanese credits. Translated is always better then not translated in my opinion. Creditless OP/ED as an extra is the only necessity.

@ the Cagalli letter comment...

I don't think it's really necessary to sub the WHOLE letter as Cagalli narrates it. Pointless to have two subtitles of the exact same text onscreen at the same same. They did put a subtitle for "I will marry Yuna Roma" part, because in the animation that is highlighted as Kira is reading it, and I think there was a good reason for that subtitle. But the whole thing would've just been redudant and clogged the screen up.

The Orb Memorial had a subtitled sign because no one reads it, therefore the subtitle was necessary.
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Old 2006-07-31, 21:33   Link #3
The Alpha and the Omega
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Age: 33
Well, I rewatched the episodes again a little while ago and Yuna isn't bothering me as much. These episodesare the first time we've had a good load of Yuna's dialog, so it just takes some getting used to.

As far as Lacus/Meer, I find it funny that you dislike Lacus's voice but like Meer's voice only because I kind of feel the same way. Meer being more of the bubbly idiot, the voice works. I can live with Lacus's voice, but a major part of that is the fact that Bandai is keeping her from only have 1 line for 90% of the series...that being "Kira".

As for Cagalli's letter, having rewatched it, yeah, doing a translation for what is read outloud and shown on screen for such a short time would have been a waste. I think my initial reaction was "Wait, they did it once, why not again?".

In regards to the OP and ED, I'm kind of mixed on it. One one side, I do like that there isn't that extra credit sequence it scrolls through at the end of the DVD like SEED does, but I would have liked for them to have done something like they did with the 0083 discs, where if you watch it in English, you get the translated credits, and if you set the Japanese track, it plays the untranslated version. That would have kept both sides covered.

At least at this point we are 1/4th of the way through the series. Makes it seem liek it'll take less time when you look at it that way. I'm already curious about what the second collectors box will look like. I'm hoping, unlike this one with the same 'Impulse with the stolen Gundam heads above' image on both sides, that we get one side with the SF, IJ and Akatsuki, and the other side with the Legend, Impulse and Destiny. Of course, thats still months away.

Also, I didn't do my math right and realized we should have the next volume in September, not October.
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Old 2006-08-01, 20:13   Link #4
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I guess i will just wait for the australian version to come out instead of importing the us version , the oz version is just one boxset instead of two and madman makes its own menus for thier dvds.
Still the dub so far sounds good.
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