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Gakuen Nightmare

The setting is Hanzaki Academy an all girls school isolated in the rural area away from civilization in Hiroshima Prefecture, Bihoku. Kyou Ibaraki, the Dorm leader on the North Side of the school dormitories doesn't believe in the occult or anything of the supernatural. Classmate Kuroe Tsukumozaka, who is into all things occult, naturally gets on her nerves. However, after an encounter with a Netlore, a spirit manifestation of ghost stories and urban legends that circulate through the internet, she's plunged into the world of the unknown and unexplained after it possesses her, resulting in her body growing cat ears and a tail whenever other Netlore are close by. To exorcise the spirit and return to normal, she's forced to cooperate with the occult eccentric Kuroe, who collects Netlore.
Genres: Shounen, Supernatural, Horror, and Ecchi
Author: Yutori Houjyou
# of Volumes: 3 (complete)
Scanlation team: Fennec Scans

I've read up to the current translated chapter, and I found myself hooked. The series does great at it's comedic moments and horror, and the shift between the two is not egregious at all. What I was pleasantly surprised about was the nightmare fuel. Some of the ghosts depicted are naturally scary, but what's more terrifying are the collectors themselves. They can act completely carefree and innocent in a light atmosphere, then be morbid and dark when the situation gets serious. The art depicts these changes very clearly.
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Thank for let me know about this manga :P
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