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Old 2006-08-24, 12:48   Link #1
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Post For me to wach

First of all, everybody "Hi"! It's my first post at animesuki.

I have faced dead end. Don't know what to wach next I wached all the "popular good" animes (well maby not all...) and with my internet speed I can't afford downloading everything and then looking what is good ant what isn't for my self.
Would apreciate (spelled that wrong, right? ) your help!

Well the best anime I saw was Elfen Lied, because well.... let's get on with that.
The best plot simply has to have blood and love

I would like something with strong charackter lost in a conflict with oneself (like Nyu from elfen lied... main Kimi ga characters), some comedy like scenes realy spices up the anime, but I wouldn't want an all-the-way comedy. Story/plot has to be undecided till the very end. Well Shuffle! is a good anime, but from the first episode I could tell that he will wall in love with neither of thous girls and eventualy that he will have to somehow hurt him self to use up her magic. The whole story has to revolve around the one main conflict of the story that is gradualy fills with other substories thats are realy needed for the outcome of the main story. And the best ending is... umm well... that's not clear or that's actualy the most realistic. Shuffle has the most reasonable ending (by reasonable I mean that would do the same thing and choose the same girl, because all other female characters were quite psychologicaly unstable ). I liked the ending of elfen lied well and all it's stry. In the end you want them to marry and live "happily ever after" even when you know she killed all his family. And about Kimi ga , well at first I hated the ending because I wanted him to stai with his first love but when you actualy realize the main thing of the story you understand that it had to end the way it did no matter you like it or not. Other two of my favourite animes would be GitS Movies (especialy the first one) and Kenshin Reminiscence, because of the strong minded, wise characters that act not "according to the plan of a common scenario", but as they want and with that makes mistakes, and that is why they look more "real".

Well I hope you'll help me, I hope you understand what I wanted to say (sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes) and I hope you'll offer me some anime titles with atlease half of what I want.

Best wishes.
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Old 2006-08-24, 14:22   Link #2
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If you like Elfen Lied then watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which is still currently airing. It doesn't have the greatest animation quality but that's not what the series is known for. It's about an extreme mystery surrounding the string of bizarre deaths that have been taken place in this seemingly peaceful small Japanese village. It is creepy and will have you guessing what the hell is happening in this village. The characters are deceptively... cute. Very high in the moe~ scale but don't let that deceive you. This is a Horror and it does it well.
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Old 2006-08-24, 14:43   Link #3
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Try Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu. Great Drama/Romance/Scifi series. 6 part OVA. I think it fits your description perfectly.

Also you might want to try Fantastic Children. If you are ok without much romance, Now and Then, Here and There is another great one.

All of the above have very little comedy, but great great story with characters going through different types of struggles. I think that's what you are looking for, right?
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