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Old 2006-08-28, 15:03   Link #1
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Recommendations for a Newbie

Okay, I'm more or less a newbie to the anime world. I watched shows like Pokemon and DBZ when I was little, but I grew tired of DBZ as soon as it moved into the GT series, and Pokemon... I'm not going there.

Anyway, I'm not a pure n00b, but I need help finding good new series. All the ones I watch have ended or I can't find new episodes where I live. Examples include: Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X, Banner of the Stars 1and 2 (Sekai no Senki), the AnimEigo version of AMG, Legend of Himiko, older gundam series, etc. There's too many for me to list without spending a ridiculous amount of time searching.

However, I'm not sure which ones I should go to rent from Netflix or buy in manga form. Any suggestions for someone searching to open their horizons to new anime?

Note: Please, I don't wish any of these to be neither overly violent nor too innappropriate. Thanx.
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Old 2006-08-28, 15:25   Link #2
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There's just simply to many good series to name, your best bet would to check AnimeNfo's Top 200 and just scan through the list until something piques your interest. Either that your ask for a specific genre, that way the members can better provide you with suggestions.

As to renting Netflix/Buying manga, there is an alternative. This site ( hosts/lists torrents ( for Fansubbed animes. They are free and generally you'll have more options here than your local video/book store. Remember though, if you do like a series, buy it when it becomes available in your country!
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Old 2006-08-28, 15:26   Link #3
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So you want animes that were licensed or not? Lemme see....

- If you like action I suggest watching Yu Yu Hakusho. It has the same aura as DBZ but waay different storyline. Actually, I prefer this than DBZ.
- Another action anime would be Black Cat which will be coming out later this year (I think it's somewhere in fall or winter). Good gunslinging action. Has comedy and it's not too explicit in violence.
- Angelic Layer is another good anime made by CLAMP. The anime is finished a long time ago (meaning, all DVD vols. were out). I suggest buying the thin pack DVD collection.
- Elemental Gelade has sci-fi, romance, comedy, and action. Good story. Plenty of characters to remember by.
- Kiddy Grade starts off slow but it gets interesting in later episodes. Watch it.
- Gunslinger Girl a little dark storyline but it's good.
- Samurai Deeper Kyo since you like RK.
- Kannazuki no Miko, a yuri but it's good story.

Subbed: Im just going to list them k?
- Utawarerumono (newly licensed)
- Strawberry Panic
- Zero no Tsukaima
- Good Witch of The West - Astraea Testament
- Fate/Stay Night
- Shakugan No Shana
- Banner of The Stars 3 (yep, there was a third season)
- Ah My Goddess! TV (both seasons - season 1 is already licensed)

---> And that's all I can think of.

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Old 2006-08-28, 16:08   Link #4
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- Vandread would be a good one for space/slow developing romance/mecha
- Sousei no Aquarion is also good for mecha/romance
- Air Gear
- Kiba
- Kage Kara Mamoru
- Gunparade March
- Erementar Gerad
- Full Metal Panic
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Old 2006-08-28, 16:13   Link #5
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Elemental Gelade = Erementar Gerad case anyone didn't know ^^

(very mediocre series btw... )
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Old 2006-08-28, 16:19   Link #6
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Slayers NEXT- fantasy, adventure, comedy, plus great characters

it's old so it shouldn't be that expensive.
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Old 2006-08-28, 16:30   Link #7
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I have been an anime fan since 1995. I've been an anime fan for over 11 years. I suggest you read manga. Here's a guide to romance.

Fushigi Yuugi is a great manga series. It is wonderful, romantic and touching.

Fushigi Yugi is 18 volumes long and has a wonderful romance. The couple gets married and has a child. It's a magical romance. The manga, 18 volumes is wonderful. The anime only goes up to volume 13. Read all 18 manga volumes.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon has 200 anime episodes, 18 manga volumes, the live action series. The romance is wonderful. The couple gets married and has a child. Their are lots of romantic kisses. I love Tuxedo Mask.

Ayashi no Ceres is a good manga series. The anime takes everything out. It has romance, the main couple has sex, has a child and elopes.

Marmalade Boy is both an anime and a manga series where both are equally good.

Kare First Love is a manga series with lots of emotion.

Happy Hustle High is a romantic and fun manga series.

Peach Girl is a realistic manga series. Their are 18 volumes. Volumes 1-8 are released as Peach Girl 1-8, volumes 9-18 are released as Peach Girl Change of Heart 1-10. Make sure you get the right volumes, you might accidentally buy the wrong ones.

Mars is a mature manga series. It has 15 volumes and deals with serious issues. It deals with sex, rape, engagement, living together and serious issues.

Kare Kano is a manga and anime series.

Kodocha is a cute and realistic series.

Absolute Boyfriend is another romance manga series.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is another series.

Stellvia of the Universe is a good series.

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Old 2006-08-28, 17:00   Link #8
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What sort of genres are you looking for?

You probably can't go wrong with Cowboy Bebop if you haven't seen it before.
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Old 2006-08-28, 17:17   Link #9
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Old 2006-08-28, 19:33   Link #10
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Hmmm, we seem to have started in about the same place, and I think we should have roughly the same taste in anime, it helps that you, like I have netflix, for fansubs you should use animesuki but netflix is a great way to licensed anime, click on the link in my signature label I watch too much anime to see what I've watched along with my rating, it should give you a wide range of things you can try. My sig is very helpful
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Old 2006-08-28, 20:04   Link #11
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isnt netflix a monthly pay place so you could get DVDs?
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Old 2006-08-28, 21:36   Link #12
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Originally Posted by fto
isnt netflix a monthly pay place so you could get DVDs?
Yeah, they send you dvds and then you send them back, surprisingly they have a rather good selection of licensed anime dvds, which is the main reason i use netflix, and the pricing is reasonable, hell I could watch more than 25 anime dvds in a month if i was good about returning the dvds right away for about the price of buying one.

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If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit ~Coach Davids

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Old 2006-08-29, 09:04   Link #13
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i guess your looking for action anime...
heres some unlicensed and available in animesuki
Demonbane - mecha, action, romance. it has an oav and its tv series is currently ongoing.
Eyeshield 21 - sport action about American football
Hunter x Hunter - action adventure. Aside from tv series, it has 3 series of oav.
Innocent venus - action scifi and currently ongoing
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Old 2006-09-30, 11:50   Link #14
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I would say that Naruto is a MUST WATCH for all people when they are looking for a good anime. Its a lot about a preson named Naruto who discovers he has a secret power and basically he learns new abilities and powers throughout the show as it goes on. It really goes downhill from about episode 140+ when the fillers start...
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Old 2006-09-30, 19:49   Link #15
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Note: Please, I don't wish any of these to be neither overly violent nor too innappropriate. Thanx.

Bah, you're no fun. That's the kind of stuff that really opens you up to the expansive realms of anime and manga! Well, your loss. So you seem to be saying action/comedy/romance combination. I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that hasn't been mentioned...let's see what's down the list on Animesuki that I can recommend:

-Hey something from Gensou Maden Saiyuki should be good, though I didn't watch past the first season. That was action/comedy based on the Journey to the West story. Your usual kick-a** action.

-Rozen Maiden has action here and there, some comedy, some cutesyness, some goth-ness to it

-I hated Saishuu Heiki Kanojo, but you'll probably love it - boy meets girl, girl has to save world, their relationship gets torn apart in the process. Lots of action, lots of infidelity

-Shadow Skill was some kind of action/drama with lots of fighting

-Tales of Eternia had a totally rpg feel to it - action/comedy w/ sort of a love triangle going on

-Tsubasa Chronicle - you want it, you need it, cos it's CLAMP!! Totally action/comedy/romance (somewhat romance)

-Violinist of Hameln - action/drama - Brothers Grimm-like, maybe? Lots of action, music references, heaven vs. hell kinda

-xxxHolic - HELLO, CLAMP? Duh! Parallel to Tsubasa Chronicle - "Sliders" type of story with travel between worlds, lots of action, some comedy. You want it.

Hey, that was actually quite a few! Enjoy!
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