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Old 2006-02-13, 20:29   Link #61
Sexy Tornado
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The inconclusive ending was because there was supposed to be a second season, which was cancelled and isn't likely to be re-started. It's a great series right up to about ep19 or so, after which it goes downhill. Badly. Ep26 in particular was a painful experience.

I'd love to see a second season, particularly because I'd like to see the play animated (read the manga for the play ), but I've already resigned myself to the fact that it isn't going to happen.
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Old 2006-02-13, 21:16   Link #62
"super lemon"
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I was wondering about this, now that I know the manga cont.. the story. Time to read.
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Old 2006-02-13, 21:24   Link #63
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Originally Posted by Tempestuousfury
I was told by "Biswa" that it had a very inconclusive ending, since it was by the same guy as Evangelion, but, I never finished that, and I was a bit skeptical...
Perhaps you should finish that series and give some series thought to its ending. It's far from inconclusive... >.>

However: *ROAR* There was so much potential, and it was wasted on such a crappy ending!!!! Hell, the ending wasn't even about the main characters, for the most part.
Really? I could have sworn the theme of the series was people learning both more about themselves and others through interpersonal relationships. At the end of the series Yukino and Arima's relationship is pretty stable, the introduction of the other budding couple is more like saying: 'And, it begins again...'

The idea is that this type of thing is always happening all the time, to everybody. The only area I can complain about, with regards to the ending, was how rushed the animation seemed with it often being uncoloured cells. It looked as if the series had caught up to the manga and was running far behind schedual as they tried to get and had to wait for information from the original author.
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Old 2006-02-15, 08:31   Link #64
Continually amazed
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What I saw was Yukino growing up and realizing that she was willing to move on if the relationship fell through. Arima, on the other hand was still jealous, and even in the last episode, he walked by Takefumi like he had before. The episode before, he was still suffering, since he could not get over the fact that Yukino could move on, but he could not. However, I might be mistaken, since the dream or realization that Yukino had on the roof in the episode before might have also been shared by Arima, (when he let her go and went to the little boy), but if that was the case, why the cold shoulder again?

And, I suppose I stated that wrong, I was told it was an inconclusive ending, and that it was by the same guy, not because. :P

All right, I will check out the manga, thanks. ^^
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Old 2006-02-15, 19:35   Link #65
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I also think Kare Kano is a masterpiece.

I have a question about Anno, what was the purpose of the conflit he had ? since this conflit, he stopped being director of anime ? I think it's a pity because I really love what he has done (Nadia, Evangelion, Kare Kano even if Kare Kano is not a original story).
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Old 2006-02-16, 08:30   Link #66
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ye, i was upset bout the edning aswell. Is there still no news for a new series?? i guess nt as its been 7 years since it first aired wich is disapiontin

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Old 2006-02-16, 10:19   Link #67
Sexy Tornado
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Anno didn't like how things were going/ being run/ something like that, arguments started, he left, show went bad. I don't know the specifics myself, but I think this pretty much sums it up. kj1980 could possibly shed more light on the subject I guess.
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Old 2006-05-19, 00:41   Link #68
Holy Maiden
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Originally Posted by Pyro1
I just finished watching this anime and it said in the end "it will continue" i wanted to know if there is a second season or other eps. Thnx

/sob....where did you watch the whole episode of kare kano..i really love it but i didnt watch all episodes pls help....thx
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Old 2006-05-19, 01:28   Link #69
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Its licensed and for sale in the US under the title "His & Her Circumstances" so one hopes you're not violating forum rules there.

If you want to buy it, I found this hit but I know nothing about the company
you might also try the online shops listed on the front page of (like DVD Pacific) or start haunting Ebay.
If you live outside of R1 and R2 land, then you're off to find the fansubs --- probably have to lurk the shadowy channels of the Intarnets and ask around.
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Old 2006-05-19, 01:56   Link #70
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Rightstuf is the company that licensed and released it in R1 land. So that's essentially purchasing it directly from the licensor.
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Old 2006-05-19, 07:26   Link #71
High on Jin
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the reason why the latter part of the series felt "meh" was because the anime producers and the mangaka (the original creator) had disagreements as to how the series should continue. the anime people wanted more comedy but the mangaka wanted to dwell on Arima's dark character.

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Old 2006-05-20, 03:18   Link #72
Certified Organic
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episode 26 wasnt bad in its entirety. the creativity in making it was appreciated, but where they failed is that they got rid of most of the voice acting. it would have went much smoother, even with the still pics. all i kept thinking while watching that is that shiki's dad is watching somewhere in the background.
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Old 2006-05-20, 03:54   Link #73
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Think of it like this...Ep 24 is really the final episode of the actual series while ep 25 is a random bonus ep and ep 26 an abstract episode that gives us the possibility of a new story and a new journey...Yeah watching ep 26 was weird for me the first time around but thinking back on it the story actuallly ends in ep 24...I think an extra treat would have been for them to show the play since like 6 or 7 eps were about the festival...But overall this series was so damn good I just can't find fault with...It's always great to watch a series not really expecting anything special and realizing that "damn, this is really dope..." I've never seen a story in this genre use so many creative and effective visual techniques...and I'm not talking CG (which the series doesn't really use), I'm talking visual expressionism as a focal point in telling the story...A story that is totally effective when it comes to balancing the seriousness and chibi-comedy...You really get the feeling the people who put this anime together really had passion for it...This anime is 4 to 5 stars easily for this genre IMO, with episode 19 being one of the most creative anime episode I've ever watched period...

It's not surprising the show's next season was cancelled since it doesn't cater to all the superficial elements of the high-school romance comedy...and it is hand-drawn which might turn off some newer anime watchers...Abstract, non-formulaic shows like this always get the ax in the end...
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Old 2006-05-20, 12:27   Link #74
Lolli for loli :D
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GAINX has obviously pulled an "EVA" with us on this one.

I'm reading the manga now-which is getting more disturbing with each page-perhaps it is best that the "Arima arc" isn't brought to the screen. O.o;
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Old 2007-06-29, 09:00   Link #75
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After reading so much about this anime, I just had to watch it for myself.

Such a shame, so much wasted potential! It started out so well, and the first 2/3 of the series was good bordering on great. Then towards the end it just lost its way until that horrible, nearly unwatchable last episode.
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Old 2007-06-29, 12:45   Link #76
I'm a sucker for Harem
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Yup, when the Director and the Mangaka fight, it rarely gives the viewer a good product.
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Old 2007-08-19, 11:09   Link #77
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Hey guys,just wanna ask...what chapter in the manga did the anime(last ep.) left off from?
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Old 2007-11-06, 17:58   Link #78
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Originally Posted by whitewater_81 View Post
Hey guys,just wanna ask...what chapter in the manga did the anime(last ep.) left off from?
Around volume 8, and in case anyone is wondering, the manga ended recently.
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Old 2007-11-06, 20:04   Link #79
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And in case anyone is still wondering, there will never be a second season.
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Old 2007-11-07, 02:45   Link #80
Sawa-Chan <3 <3 <3
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Originally Posted by Kawaii Denka View Post
I also agree, the anime goes up to the end of volume 8.

For those who enjoyed the anime because of Yukino though, you might be dissapointed since Yukino's arc end at volume 9. 10-12 focuses on the side characters (especially Tsubasa). 13 onwards is the Arima arc right till the end.

On the upside, Arima's story wasn't as great as Yukino's so the anime would have been a dissapointment I'd think~ lol

Also, Karo Kano is one of my all time favs too~! Highly recommended!

Well i dont undrestand what you mean as Yukino or Arima arc. In the Anime the main focus was on both of them. Of course yukino had a bit ( not too much) more air time but they were almost on par with each other. Well i guess you meant from 13 on we are going to learn more about Arima. I havent finished reading it yet though but i will be sure to enjoy the read .

Also ( beside the fact that i wasnt animated) why do you guys think it was a bad episode? Well i thought it was a decent episode ( although animation would have been better).
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