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Favorite Anime Character Singers and Songs

We know some of the voice actors can also contribute in anime OSTs (for instance in character OSTs) with really enjoyable and good songs. I would like to know who are your favorite voice actors (with also brief information on the characters they give their voices to) and your favorite songs from them (from the anime, which uses his/her voice). I don't know many examples, so this thread might be useful to guide people (who are interested in character songs) in the right direction.

Now, I will list a few of my favorites.

Yuki Kaida
The well-known characters that use her voice are Fuji Shuusuke from Prince of Tennis and Kurapica from Hunter X Hunter.

Songs: Grand Slam (Prince of Tennis), Inori (Hunter X Hunter), Tobira (Hunter X Hunter)

Kanako Mitsuhashi
She is the voice actor for Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter

Song: Mashou No Tenshi (Hunter X Hunter)

Tomokazu Seki
He is the voice actor for Yzak Joule from Gundam Seed (& Destiny), Ken Hidaka from Weiss Kreuz, etc....

Songs: Shoot (Gundam Seed), Gluhen & Stone and Lights & Velvet Underworld & Stone Roses & Piece of Heaven (Weiss Kreuz)

{As a side note, the real-life members of the band Weiss, who perform the songs in Weiss Kreuz and give their voice to the main characters in Weiss Kreuz, also share a similar role in Initial D by giving their voices to the main characters Takumi Fujiwara, Ryoosuke Takashi, and Keisuke Takahashi.}

She voices the main character from Full Moon wo Sagashite, Full Moon.

Songs: Eternal Flow & Myself & Confidence & New Future & Love Chronicle & Nostalgia & Focus & Sayanora (Full Moon wo Sagashite)

Megumi Hayashibara
She is the voice of Haruka Urashima from Love Hina, Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesi Evangelion, Lina Inverse from Slayers.

Songs: Sakura Saku & Kimi Sae Ireba (Love Hina), Fly Me to the Moon (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Don't Be Discouraged (Slayers Try)

Maaya Sakamato
She is the voice actor of Reika Mishima from Rahxephon, Tomoyo from Tsubasa Chronicle, Hamona from Wolf's Rain.

Song: Hemisphere (Rahxephon), Loop (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), Gravity (Wolf's Rain)

Atsuko Enomoto
She is the voice actor of Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer.

Song: Be My Angel (Angelic Layer)

Takahiro Sakurai
He is currently known as Haseo from Hack Roots, but he is also known for his voice in one of the longest-run series of all time, Konjiki no Gash Bell, as Takamine Kiyomaro.

Song: Kokoro no Chikara (Konjiki no Gash Bell)

Rie Tanaka
The related pieces from her resume are Chii from Chobits and Lacus Clyne/Meer Campbell from Gundam Seed (& Destiny).

Songs: Raison d'Etre & Ningyohime (Chobits), Mizu no Akashi & Fields of Hope & Shizukana Yoruni - slow version - (Gundam Seed & D.)

Yuki Masuda
The voice actor of Yanagi Sakoshita from Flame of Recca.

Song: Zutto Kimi No Soba De (Flame of Recca)

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