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Old 2006-09-23, 12:16   Link #61
Join Date: Sep 2006
Originally Posted by raikage
But they're not going to animate those arcs, so for all intents and purposes they should be getting ready to wrap up the show by the end of 26.
Not if something like, say, movie or full-length game awaits for the anime to finish.
In such case, anime can finish with full of questions remain unanswered, which will just improve the sales of these following production; You know, like Evangelion.

And as you know well, PS2 port with 4 non-animated chapters is due out in December.
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Old 2006-09-23, 12:33   Link #62
White Manju Bun
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The parasite explanation was kinda weird but I kinda see where its coming from. Ive gotten to the point with this anime to just kinda take everything as it comes just cuz the way the arcs are designed. Which is way this anime rules so much, you never really know where its gonna go.

Also I dont really trust Takano-san either, so her notes may be a lie but who knows
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Old 2006-09-23, 13:38   Link #63
Hopeful Death
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2 episodes left and there are a lot of questions I still have about the show.

I don't think many of them will be answered in the last 2 episodes. And I don't think I have the brain power to find the answers based on just the first 6 chapters.

Wah, I feel like crying.
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Old 2006-09-23, 23:39   Link #64
Dansa med oss
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Originally Posted by Itachi-chan
Something that I just thought: Why would Rena believe in that explanation for the "Oyashiro-sama's curse" if she said she already met with Oyashiro-sama? I mean, the parasites make the person go berserk, but not halluccinate, right?
I think Rena subconciously wants to find reason to not believe in Oyashiro-sama. The parasites are the first (or best) explanation other than Oyashiro-sama being real that she's ever heard, so it's natural that she'd become fixated on it.
Whether the parasites are real or not, Rena wants them to be real just like the radicals mentioned in the notebook (if they exist, which I'm almost positive they do) want Oyashiro-sama to be real.
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Old 2006-09-24, 03:29   Link #65
Guide my hand...
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I hope I'm not too late

Originally Posted by kj1980

I'm really glad to see how people can be easily swayed.

You all may want to utilize TIPS #125, TIPS #126 and especially TIPS #127.
After seeing this episode and reading this entire Thread.., out of all the posts.., this one stayed in my head..., so.., immediatly I went to check the TIP's section after.
And to my suprise wasn't that.., they compleatly give us the "True" meaning to what we saw written in Takano's notes related to "The parasite of Hinamizawa"; ..if analysed correctly

For this end we must conclude that Takano's notes where not from a scientifical point of view.., but rather from a superstition one instead.., since it was partialy what she was investigating aswell..

Taking on this.., seeing as Rena has "now" followed the path that Keiichi had in Onikakushi-hen.., she sees Takano's notes as THE only explination to what is "the cause" of certain events..., something that ends up enforcing her syndroms..
Try to think of it.., much like a vicious circle

So.., needless to say then.., Takano's notes here have been un-willingly? used to BE miss-interpreted by Rena, to an extensive point of belief that is.., acting as one more catalyst to the events that will unfold..

However.., one main thing is diferent.., Rena asked Keiichi for help.., and is (at the moment) luring him into the situation.., causing him to also starting to share her and trigger his own "delusion syndromes"; which was what happened to him before

The outcome is still pretty uncertain.., but regarding This I don't think Rena can go back anymore.., as for Keiichi though.., well.., I belive that's another story.. ^^

This episode could have been a major plot Twist if we had not been presented with the TIP's..., hence why I see so many wondering about "parasites" and passing judgment based on the explinations given to us by Rena
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Old 2006-09-24, 03:47   Link #66
Join Date: Aug 2006

Higurashi is a great story, I really really hope that the new game comes out in English (one can only hope ^^)

And just so you guys know, even after reading all the tips, watched the anime and read some of the manga I still am in muddy waters (which embarrasses me, but I don't wanna defend the "mars attacks" teory). Of course I understand some arcs now, but the overall picture is a mistery to me @_@
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Old 2006-09-24, 22:52   Link #67
Wagering his life...
Join Date: Jun 2006
I wonder if the Oyashira-sama explanations were a jab against religions ("Gods don't exist and only mentally ill people believe in them")

*shudders* I feel bad for what happened to Rena.I can barely imagine what it woulf feel like if I saw maggots coming out of my wounds.I believe this also explains why people started clawing their throats.

Poor Keichii,still clueless and once again with a target on his back.

Now the parasite brings a new question.What was in the syringes first used by Rena and Mion and later used by the doctor.Was it the parasite?A cure for the parasite?Either way,what is the point of infecting them in Keichii?

The mystery behind this anime is like quicksand.The more you try to understand the more confusing it gets
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Old 2010-03-27, 20:56   Link #68
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Wow, we were dumped with a lot of info this episode, but yeah i have to agree, that the source of that info makes it a bit questionable even if it does make some sense.
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