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Old 2010-09-04, 20:38   Link #1
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Betelqueze's Creativty.

Helloes all!

Since i started attending an Art school. (2D And 3D)

I wanted to share some of my works with you guys and scrap book. Will only post the anime things.

I recently started drawing, but else i been practicing my tablet abilities and colored "Free Linearts and other people requested on lineart coloring." Wont post that work either becuase i dont think it is nice to post someone else work(Lineart). (If you wanna see then you can ask and i can show.

Anyway To the point!

Im currently in a Competition where you have to do a comic character (Manga,Marvel,whatever) So i decided to do something that wasn't done for that competition!

Im making Lelouch Lamperouge. And i wanted to post that here my Progess and all. (Would be awesome if people had reference to share of him aswell)

Reference Shot
Spoiler for Reference:

I used that as reference.. Im making him in His "Emporer outfit. (Might be spoling?)

Anyways, if any of you know 3D I would be glad to upload pictures of eh my start and where i am now, im pretty new to 3D and im really happy with my results that this is my second character ever made in 3D.

Spoiler for Start:

Middle Way
Spoiler for Middle Way:

Where i am Now!
Spoiler for Current:

I still have a long way to go! But i thought after i returned on Animesuki! What not be abit active and do a few things and i might end up having some people to talk with!
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Old 2010-09-05, 13:25   Link #2
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Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Denmark
Here is a picture i drew.
Spoiler for Hihi:
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