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Old 2007-01-20, 21:53   Link #21
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Mushishi at sundance

Mushishi (they call it 'Bugmaster') is at sundance this year. Here's a link to sundance's website and a review:
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Old 2007-08-15, 16:20   Link #22
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So. Except for those 4 festivals, the movie wasn't released outside Japan.

I thought the movie might be released in France since Otomo is quite a big name here, but I was wrong. (But well, here the anime isn't licenced yet and the manga is just starting. I should have known)

How well are the anime and the manga doing in the States ? Any chance of a DVD release for the movie ? I have to see it (or please someone fansub it)

(And it feels weird to ask for a DVD release of something found in the unaired forum.)
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Old 2007-08-16, 15:49   Link #23
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I saw the movie 2 days ago on the Fantasy Filmfest here in Germany, and I must say I quite liked it, the only thing really bothering me was that the movie was obviously too long.
I mean, I really loved the anime, but the 22 minutes range of an episode was and will always be the right amount of time to deliver those stories, you have a construct like in a drama during these moments and rarely an episode was really boring. The movie however has so many 'calm' moments, after a while they just become tedious...and you have to admit, there is only a certain amount of 'beautiful scenery' you can take, sometimes I felt more like watching Discovery Channel.

Regarding the story I have to say I liked it, they should have left out the story with the horned child in my opinion, because you can't watch this movie without knowing the basics was just used as an introduction to viewers not used to the series...who would be confused either way I think.
Spoiler for "villain":

In the end I have to say it is a nice movie, who absolutely relies on the viewers either not caring for the story or being pre-informed about a stand-alone work I think it fails, as it is too long and too complicated at certain points, but I would recommend it to anybody who liked the series.

I think I would give it a 7/10 in the end
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Old 2009-09-30, 19:52   Link #24
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Well, this movie has now been released on dvd in the US... I didn't like it very much; the style was odd, and everything was much shabbier, less beautiful than in the anime (including Ginko). And since the stories used were ones I already watched as anime episodes...well, there wasn't enough novelty or added benefit to provide a point of watching them again, alongside drunk guys asking Ginko about his love life. It was really nothing very spectacular, and had little of the wonder in the anime.
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Old 2009-10-01, 14:13   Link #25
Zu Ra
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I seen the live action its very nicely made I enjoyed watching it . Though was a bit hard as I watched it untranslated . I have not read the manga but it was all right from an anime perspective . Personally though I prefer the anime to the LvA as production budgets of Live Actions aren't that great to begin with . Though the actor who depicted has done the role justice .
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Old 2009-10-01, 17:36   Link #26
Waiting for more taiyuki!
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I loved it actually.
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Old 2009-10-03, 04:44   Link #27
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I saw this thread and thought "Wow, another movie!*
and am disappointed it's the old one.... shouldn't this thread be in the licensed section?

Chrome Shelled Regios
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