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Old 2004-01-03, 23:09   Link #1
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Exclamation Final Fantasy X-2 Help!! PLEASE!!

ok, so i JUST started chapter 4 (just watched farplane scene) and i'm only at 58% completion. now, due to my workload in school, i bought the strategy guide to help me get 100% on the first try....anyhow, according to the comlpetion guide, at the end of chapter 3, you should be 59.6% complete, yet i'm only at 58%. I followed what the guide said exactly, rested each chapter, captured 5-6 chocobos, completed all the side missions (monkey love, cactuars 1-6 returned, etc.) yet i'm only receiving 58% each time (i have a save right before ixion fight). I have no idea what i'm missing or why i am only at 58%....but at the same time, i think the change from chapters 1-2, i was supposed to have 27%? done and i only finished with 24%, yet within, the first 2 missions, i was back on track with the guide...if anybody has gotten 100% of the game and knows how to help me with the transition from chapters 3-4, please help. Thank you.
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Old 2004-01-03, 23:15   Link #2
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..errr, I don't think many people would be able to help you out. I'm on chapter 5 and I'm only 56% done, so I would be of no use.

and maybe someone should sticky that FFX-2 thread or soemthin.
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Old 2004-01-03, 23:16   Link #3
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Tried that place?
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Old 2004-01-03, 23:16   Link #4
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Alright, I don't care that you didn't look at GameFAQs or something like that, but could you have at LEAST put it in the Final Fantasy X-2 thread?
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Old 2004-01-04, 00:05   Link #5
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Lol, my threads are always ignored heh.
Anyays. Yes, please everyone.
if your question/topic has something to do with FFX-2 please post it there!! There was 3 threads today, and they
all were about FFX-2, and they all were NOT posted in the FFx-2 thread ^^"

But I'll help you anyways.
The guide is sometimes false, or gets ahead of itself.
notice the .6%?

Complete another mission in it should go up to the correct % written in the guide.
Sometimes my game did this. The guide said I should have 21.8%
and I had 20, I then completed a mision worth .2% and my % went up to 22%..wierd ne?
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Old 2004-01-04, 21:12   Link #6
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Well, it doesnt have to be posted there though.

Anyways, if you wanna get 100% completion... dont worry about it on your first try. You could get everything on your second because once you beat the game and play it again... you have all the stuff you got from your first game.
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