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Old 2007-04-05, 22:27   Link #621
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Originally Posted by npal View Post
You mean someone not spoiled by game content could actually figure it out? With the clues available, your guess is as good as mine. I'd like to see the "heavily implied" part. Or is it AFTER we are given an outside explanation that we can tell that it was implied? A medium has to be self-contained, which means that even "heavy implications" alone are insufficient.
Well, since I've already been informed of the fact before I got to rewatching the whole thing, I really can't say if I would have figured it out the second time (it didn't quite register the first), but once I heard the explanation I kinda kicked myself for not having put that together before.
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Old 2007-04-06, 04:22   Link #622
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I ask because we have already 2 people in the previous post not knowing and not guessing from the anime alone. The first one asked directly and the second one read it through spoilers and was disappointed (for some reason). Excessive or lack of sleep is one of the symptoms of depression but alone it can't say much. My point is that if they had time or the will to use Nayuki drowsiness for what it was, they would have given more explanation. As it is, for the uninformed it passed as a moe trait rather than something serious.
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Old 2007-04-06, 10:21   Link #623
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Correct. If one were to see Kanon 2006 stand alone, Nayuki's sleepiness seems to not even point to that direction. Moe trait it is, psychological problem it is not. My, my...
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Old 2007-04-24, 10:29   Link #624
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I have only watched Kanon 2006 alone, so the reason behind Nayuki's sleepiness is a shock to me...i have to say i used to think that was so cute :3 Now its kinda sad

I dont see this as "heavily implied" since it was impossible to figure out from the anime alone, but if one knew before hand then u can see the clues coming together, much like the identity of Archer in Fate Stay Night
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