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Y'know whats another thing to think about it... What kinda of weapon does blackbeard use that would make a scare like that on shanks... first thing that comes to mind is a claw

Originally Posted by The Phenomenol View Post
By the way show me the SBS where Oda stated that Ener's bounty would have been 500 million berri? (Wikipedia is a bad source to believe)
One of the last chapters of volume 43 (wiki does tend to say where such obscure info comes from =p)... Oda says he wouldn't exactly rule the seas, but he would end up being worth about 500 million... Luffy's victory over Enel is mostly due to his rubber body, without that he would have been a FAR harder beat, i mean luffy's superior strength and speed means nothing when he can't touch the guy, not to mention the fact that luffy would not be immune to Enel's lightning... in theory, with out his rubber body, Luffy along with many other fighters around luffy's level probably would have been taken down down almost as fast as Zoro was... you have a tendency to seriously underestimate Enel just because a "rookie" beat him; even though that rookie had a serious advantage that most fighters wouldn't have

Oh yeah by the way.. Mihawk's sword.. The Black Sword as he called it.. is the strongest sword in One Piece(Again Mihawk stated that and it sure looks strong) So why do you all think that it wouldn't have Seastone built into it somewhere(Maybe forged into the metal intself.. afterall its been proven with the Sky Islands formations that Seastone can be transformed into something else) Since Mihawk is so strong there would be no way that he wouldn't have developed some techniques to take out those pesky elemental Devil Fruit users.
Ya, that is indeed a possibility... and so far that seems to be the only resonable way Mihawk would take down Enel... y'know, that or he could cover his sword in rubber or something =p

some poeple say that Mihawk can cut elements, but does that really mean anything? I mean, so what if you can cut lightning, cutting an element doesn't actually hurt or kill it; afterall, it's an element... all it seems to mean is that is that you can disperse it... which would seem more like an added an annoyance, than a threat

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