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Old 2006-11-12, 00:45   Link #1
Scarlet Letter
Littera Coccinus
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New Section: Role-Plays

I say that a Role Play section would be great for playing out our favorite anime series with smiliar or completely different twists. :P

Well, what do you have to say?
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Old 2006-11-12, 04:26   Link #2
Needs more sleep~
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Unless there are strict rules and moderation of the plots that play out in each thread in the section, it will get spammy and out of control very quickly. As you know, more boards = more work for the mods. Unless you or some others are willing to take that responsibility.

My 2 cents anyway.
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Old 2006-11-12, 04:51   Link #3
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Huh!?.. wait can't you do that in the Fan Creation forum..

Ok.. I'm confused.. what exactly do you mean by Role Play.. forum-game?!
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Old 2006-11-12, 07:19   Link #4
Lost in my dreams...
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I don''t think there is a need for that. Just create a topic in General discussion. And btw mods do not listen to cries for new sections etc - they add them when they themselves feel it is needed.

Originally Posted by NightWish
Sorry but we do not make Series Discussion forums on request -- they are only created when we perceive a need for them.
Im pretty sure that applies to creating new sections as well
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Old 2006-11-12, 07:35   Link #5
Just call me Ojisan
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Originally Posted by Scarlet Letter View Post
I say that a Role Play section would be great for playing out our favorite anime series with smiliar or completely different twists. :P
Thanks for the suggestion but no, we have no plans to introduce a Role Play forum.

And just in case you are suggesting some sort of "forum game" where you effectively tell an anime releated story, then I'll remind you of one of the forum rules.
2.2 Do not begin topics that lack purpose

No "forum games" or "Who are you" threads
Threads like "the word game", "the person above you" or "which character in Naruto are you most like" are pointless. They are normally high volume threads with very little content of value; i.e. mostly noise or one word replies that we do not need.
We might allow some sort of "multiple author" fanfiction thread (if done properly) in the Fan Creations forum, but that would be about it. I seem to remember that sort of thing many years ago in the rec.arts.anime.misc newsgroups.

Anyway, thread now closed.
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