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Old 2007-03-31, 12:09   Link #61
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Serbia
Age: 32
I dont know if this is already mentioned but for me it was ..

When Shikamaru was at final Chunnin exem thinking to forfait and then Naruto push him in ring .. and then his laying down and thinking "wtf i need all this"
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Old 2007-04-17, 22:11   Link #62
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Location: JPN around Tokyo
The scene i remember and remained in my mind vividly is, that
Gaara said to her sister and brother. 'Temari..Kankurou.. I 'm sorry..'
after the battle with Naruto.

That scene is something special to me.
i was crying.

I was always thinking why did he say he is alone though he has a brother and sister
who took care of him.

but ,when he said sorry to them , i finally understand i am same as him.
i tend to forget things, and people naturally would be around me by seeing
things which annoy me or things i want to have.

so, i think i cried.

i have many favorite moments in Naruto, but that is one i remember
Don't mind the small things. Optimists always win∮

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Old 2007-04-18, 11:35   Link #63
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Join Date: Feb 2004
Top three funny scenes

1. Gai kicking straight into Jiraiya's face. I will never forget that panel.
2. Shikamaru thinking about to forfeit like Kankuro and getting knocked into the arena by Naruto.
3. Kakashi repeating to Gai about doubleedged swords... "Right, Lee?" So ultrahard

Top three emotional scenes

1. Gaara's childhood... one of the most touching things I ever read.
2. Naruto being acknowledged by Iruka.

Badass moments - just ubercool

1. Neji landing in front of Kidoumaru: "... and by the way... it's GAME OVER!".
2. Sasuke looking down on Naruto: "It was not meaningless... to me, you have become my closest friend". The was the longest week in my whole fucking life!
3. Gaara vs. Deidara "Jeez.. talking about the homefield advantage".
4. Tsunade slammin a wall with bare hands: "I KILL YOU".

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Old 2007-04-18, 15:49   Link #64
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: London
For me it would be the Sarutobi vs Orochimaru fight, it was like a kage class cage match since the barrier was there.
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Old 2007-04-19, 01:03   Link #65
Dark Intellect
Join Date: Nov 2006
Rock Lee's preliminary battle against Gaara.
Drunkard Lee's fight against Kiminaru.
The Sennin Battle between Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade.
Shikamaru's battle against Temari.
Gaara's flashbacks while fighting Naruto and Saske in the woods.
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Old 2007-04-19, 13:30   Link #66
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: In Florida
My favorite scene was when Hinata told Neji that it wasn't her that was trying to fight herself, but that it was Neji who was fighting himself...very bold and emotional...
I also liked the scene where after Hinata is hurt by Neji that they stare at each other for a brief moment and than Naruto takes some of Hinata's blood and swears to defeat Neji for her....those were very emotional sequences...
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Old 2007-04-19, 14:44   Link #67
cheese no koma
kita kita oyaji
Join Date: Jan 2006
the brief moment when kakashi and itachi were drawing (i.e. not including anything when and after itachi used MS)

Another one is when Gai kicks Kisame on the face. His pose after that and the background music, it just makes him look godly.
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Old 2007-04-19, 15:41   Link #68
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Join Date: Jan 2007
60 posts and no one mentions red pill Chouji, sad...
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Old 2007-04-19, 16:08   Link #69
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Age: 26
Sasuke's childhood ( especially when itachi is practicing in the forest ) and Gaara's childhood , i have to say , i cried.

The first Chunnin exams, where they had to copy.

Sasuke Vs Gaara
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Old 2007-04-19, 16:11   Link #70
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Oslo, Norway
Age: 30
the last episode (filler) where Menma (the boy) runs into the cave and it explodes....
I got so angry and sad I almost smashed my keyboard.....

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Old 2007-04-19, 18:31   Link #71
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: St. Louis MO
Episode 101 was one of my favorits (it was hillarous)

I also loved when rock lee was drunk
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Old 2007-04-20, 06:44   Link #72
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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
60 posts and no one mentions red pill Chouji, sad...
Someone sure did mention it(See below). I remember not posting it myself since it had just been mentioned a few posts prior to mine. I think it will take many more posts before all the great scenes in this anime are mentioned. Cus it has great moments of humor, sadness, and just plain bad-assitude.
Originally Posted by Hentai Guy View Post

EDIT: Oh...and when Sasuke freaks out just before the Zabuza-Kakashi fight and says "If I stayed here for an hour, I'd go insane!" That was choice.
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