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Old 2006-12-21, 15:55   Link #21
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Originally Posted by adamatari View Post
I kinda feel like Hiro is the weakest character in the main cast - he seems a very passive person. He's certainly dense and he seems to run from difficult issues or take the easy way out. Rather than dealing with things he would rather just not talk about it. Overally I think he's also not terribly well fleshed out.
See that's the confusing part. For someone who quit college, left his girlfriend and took a low-paying job at a pharmacy just to take care of an orphaned little girl, he's acting pretty weak.

My main concern at this point is that there's gonna be a screwey/depressing/bizzare ending that they'll try to justify with some weird philosophy. The most obvious guess is that it's going to have an ending somewhat similar to It's a Wonderful Life where the characters learn whatever it is they're missing and are returned to normal (which would be particularly appropriate seeing how the three of them would make such a nice family), but since it's Japanese...who knows. argh! Stupid lack of cliche plots!

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Old 2006-12-22, 09:13   Link #22
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Hiro isn't exactly acting weak, he's become empty after having to leave one thing after another. 1) Parents died 2) leaves his home (and college?) 3) leaves his girlfriend 4) takes care of a young child.

Thats some serious changes to someones life, and you see it clearly between his relativly happy persona to his 'empty' one now. You even see it in the way he takes care of himself now, or rather lack of.

I'de say even though he had a sister now to take care of, theres a profound loneliness left in em.
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