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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite Maria-sama ga Miteru character(s)
Fukuzawa Yumi 35 47.30%
Ogasawara Sachiko 32 43.24%
Satou Sei 46 62.16%
Toudo Shimako 26 35.14%
Hasekura Rei 5 6.76%
Shimazu Yoshino 18 24.32%
Nijou Noriko 7 9.46%
Mizuno Youko 15 20.27%
Torii Eriko 7 9.46%
Kanina Shizuka 8 10.81%
Takeshima Tsutako 9 12.16%
Hosokawa Kanako 4 5.41%
Matsudaira Touko 17 22.97%
Kashiwagi Suguru 6 8.11%
Fukuzawa Yuuki 6 8.11%
Others (please specify) 1 1.35%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 74. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-01-09, 10:05   Link #1
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Maria-sama ga Miteru (Seasons 1-3) - Favorite Character(s) Poll

Welcome to Maria-sama ga Miteru (Seasons 1-3) - Favorite Character(s) Poll - the place where you want to express all of your love towards your favorite Marimite characters.

You can vote for multiple characters all at once in this poll. Your vote is final once you click on the "vote now" tab. You won't be able to comeback and vote a second time for another character. Choose wisely!
If you are selecting "Other" among your choices, please don't forget to name the character(s) you are referring to (such like Katsura or Katou Kei or Alice-kun, etc.).

The poll is public which means the votes will be visible to everyone!

Thread Rules
  • No campaigning for votes.

    Any post with "Vote forÖ/Do not vote for..." verbiage will be deleted. Discuss why you do or donít like characters without campaigning for votes.
  • Do not insult or harass other members for their choices.
    Please remember: this is for fun. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people wonít be tolerated.
  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    Itís great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after youíre long gone and on to watching some other series.
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Old 2009-01-09, 18:09   Link #2
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Not first to vote, but first to comment....

Satou Sei - 'It's good to be Rosa Gigantea.' And she's was tied with Yumi after my count.
Takashima Tsutako - She's still and always my favorite. Must be the moe factor. I can't wait for Shouko to appear in Season 4.
Toudou Shimako - The gentleness and mystery about her and how she's able to put balance in Sei's life. Plus a fan of the seiyuu.
Kanina Shizuka - Another person in Sei's life as well as Shimako's. I feel that she was able to have the two White Roses affirm their bond after her date with Shimako. Having Sei appear before Shimako after the date was indeed a priceless moment.
Mizuno Youko - The lead Rose and the one who knows how to control, jerk around, play with, and put Sei in her place. In fact, she pretty much did that to Sachiko, too. Even though she was the second to meet Sei I hope they stay close together, regardless of what their relationship will become.

My other votes would include Katou Kei and Kubou Shori. Shiori is a part of Sei's life. Without her, though tragic it was, Sei would not be Sei today. And Kei just got dragged along. She's the last in the Satou Harem.
An honorable mention would be Yumiko: Kei's landlord. Her story and relationship with Sachiko's grandmother was just wonderful.
Another is Shimako's father. We need more of him for just the comedy of Shimako's life.

Yumi? There was no need for me to vote for her since everyone else might. She affects almost everyone in the story. Granted, she, too, is a part of the Satou Harem, but she's too much focused on Sachiko. And soon to be on Touko.
I just couldn't find myself to push the Kashiwagi button. Even though he's the most favorite gay male role that girls would love to hate, he couldn't get my vote because of him picking on Yuuki.

-Cheers to Season 4!
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But not necessarily in that order.
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Old 2009-01-09, 23:36   Link #3
Knowledge is the solution
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This is such a difficult poll to vote in since the cast is so full of storng characters, but if I had to reduce it:

Fukuzawa Yumi: The best possible VA in her best possible role.
Satou Sei: why not
Nijou Noriko: Am I the only one who likes her spunky attitude?
Touko: Kugimiya Rie in a role that she should do more often.
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Old 2009-01-10, 02:39   Link #4
Apathy moe~
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Location: Atlanta, USA / Seoul, Korea
Fukuzawa Yumi: She'll probably get a lot a votes anyway, but she's still terrific. Act's like the "glue" of the entire gang (by definition has a main character type of personality).
Takeshima Tsutako: Very insightful, and for being in general a very nice friend.
Nijou Noriko: I also love her for her spunky attitude; being able to speak her thoughts. She's also fantastic during some later episodes for season 4.
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Old 2009-01-10, 06:14   Link #5
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Nijou Noriko: For her spunky attitude and yet is still intelligent and insightful a good candidate to be the leader after Yumi's year leave.

Matsudaira Touko: Another spunky character thats careing yet trys to hide it and will make a wonderful sœur for Yumi.

Satou Sei: Come on who doesn't love her.
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Old 2009-01-10, 07:16   Link #6
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Satou Sei: All-around fun character. It's very sad that she's not going to be a main character in S4, even if she shows up a few times.

Shimazu Yoshino: I can't really explain why I love Yoshino so much, but I do...
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Old 2009-01-10, 17:12   Link #7
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Yumi: She's just too cute and I like her chemistry with both Sachiko and Sei.

Sachiko: I like her character design and I think she complements Yumi nicely.

Sei: If I had to narrow it down to one favorite character, I would definitely pick Sei. Even though her role in the story has decreased, I still think she's the most entertaining out of all the characters due to her playful personality. I especially like her fondness of glomping and messing with Yumi. It also helps that the episode focusing on her backstory is my favorite out of the entire series.
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Old 2009-01-14, 08:49   Link #8
The Chaos
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Sei wining in The Poll ..Go Sei
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Old 2009-01-16, 13:35   Link #9
I can't win this one
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Yoshino is probably my favorite IF i had to pick just 1, but I really like Yumi and Touko alot aswell. and I can see why Sei's winning her story was so awesome. can't forget Sachiko tho

but something about Yoshino (maybe it's her voice) but......i just find her so cute
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Old 2009-01-18, 07:52   Link #10
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I seriously wanted to vote for every single character on this poll, because i love all of them. Because i shouldn't be doing that, i voted for Sei and Yoshino. They're two of my personal favorites from the franchise --- there characteristics haven't grown me closer to them over the many years. Plus there's many more reasons.
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Old 2009-01-18, 15:13   Link #11
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My avatar speaks for herself, for she has some bits of my personality within. Furthermore she reminds me of my mom. :lol: The responsibility she does also inspires me to be a better person when dealing with people younger and lower than me.
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Old 2009-01-21, 16:49   Link #12
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ok so this was damn hard i like so many of the characters that it was tough choice. But i boiled it down too and not in any particular order. But i will say Sachiko is my #1 pick I tend to like characters such as her.

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Old 2009-02-23, 09:07   Link #13
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Damn, so many to pick.
Bascially, I chose those with light brown/blonde hair. Which means:

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Old 2009-02-23, 09:50   Link #14
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Sei--> no explanation needed lol
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Old 2009-03-04, 10:47   Link #15
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It's Sachiko first, just because.
Yoshino second
Shizuka third

My favorate Soeur couple: Minako and Mami
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Old 2009-03-04, 23:24   Link #16
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Location: Canada
I was also tempted to choose most of the characters but I narrowed it down to three in the end

1. Satou Sei: She's so full of awesome during the 1st season. Always there to save Yumi in times of need and she's always so playful and cheerful. Slight spoiler for those who haven't watched the 2nd season:

2. Ogasawara Sachiko: Although she appears cold and distant in the beginning, the way she evolves as the series progresses is nice to watch. I especially like how she's confused and lost when doing "commoners'" activities. Seeing her not know how to order at a fast food joint is priceless. It breaks the image that she's perfect at everything.

3. Fukuzawa Yumi: She's the main character after all, how can you not like her? She manages to thaw out Sachiko's icy personality and her numerous different facial expressions are totally entertaining.
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Old 2009-03-13, 19:58   Link #17
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Oh wow, It's been so long since I voted on a poll here, that I forgot that you can choose different pics

Well, nvm, I voted for Touko, because it was thanks to her that my interest for the series rose up. I wan't really too much into the series until her appearance, and this last season is great because of her, although I think the poll doesn't include the current season?
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Old 2009-03-19, 12:56   Link #18
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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
I seriously wanted to vote for every single character on this poll, because i love all of them.
That's why I only voted for Sei, since once its opened up beyond most favoritist S1-S3 character, I'd be ticking and unticking boxes forever. Yumi would be two, and then the indecision ... Camara-chan? Yuuki? Yoshino? Sachiko? round and around ... pretty much everyone except Suguru (though even he improves in Season 4).
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Old 2009-03-20, 09:18   Link #19
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haha 4me sachiko is the one that i love since 1st time i saw mari mite
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Old 2009-03-24, 03:13   Link #20
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I had to narrow it down a lot, because every character deserves a vote!

From the start;
Sachiko - Sachiko is the character that really made me stay from the beginning. She's contradictory, soft but sharp, delicate but iron-willed. Her introspective moments are wonderful, her cute sweet moments are squee worthy but when she reverts back to chiding or strictness it's fine too.

Youko - I love Youko! A lot of the time I see Youko in relation to Sei, as Sei's keeper. There's something so perfect about Youko, but she's not flawless. Then there are those cute moments like drinking warm strawberry milk with Yumi (after glomping her XD) or cutting out paper hats for the Christmas party. So cute~ <3

Sei - Sei needs no reason. o__o

New adorations;
Noriko & Kanako - .EDIT;..zomg everminded noob, this isn't about S4. I actually still liked Kanako in the OVA's despite the audience not knowing the reason for her obsession. Maybe it was her bangs...I have a thing for arched fringes.

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