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Old 2006-12-06, 01:47   Link #1
Kaioshin Sama
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Yggdra Union/2D Gaming Forever

You ever get the feeling there are some companies out there that can read your mind and just keep bringing out games you actually want to play when gaming is otherwise heading in a direction you don't particularly like. Anyway for me Atlus is that company. Yggdra Union is a strategy RPG that I can say is unique and unlike any other. This game is from Sting the same company that made Riviera.

I honestly don't even know what to say but thank god a company like Atlus is willing take chances in seeking out a bringing over unique and interesting games from Japan that other companies are to chicken to conceive of. If Sony has their way and I hope to god they won't, Atlus is my only hope in staving off an onslaught of cookie cutter, 3D graphics whoring games with little to no substance. Man I hope they get humbled this console generation and realize that they need to listen to the gamer's instead of trying to fashion their own reality through propaganda and advertising.

Anyway, even if there aren't good games for the PS3, I'll still have a PS2(There's still so many good games to play), Wii, Gamecube, DS and for a little while longer GBA games to play with. Here's to good old fashioned fun as opposed to long pretty cutscenes, the way its meant to be. I hope for a policy shift from Sony in the near future.
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Old 2006-12-06, 14:00   Link #2
Join the Yggdra Union
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oh man finally someone posted on this

Yes Yggdra Union is a kickass game. Tons of secret stuff and a bath scene which earns its partial nudity rating (it's VERY hard to miss the bath scene though and it's only 1 cg ) But yes fun game will take you around 30-40 hours to complete not counting redos, cause you will redo a lot of the battles to try to get the MVP bonus on each one.

Cool main Characters and funny. GET THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE GBA OR DS!!!
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Old 2006-12-06, 14:57   Link #3
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Tried it in Japanese when it was released earlier this year. I did not understand anything, but at last it was pretty.
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