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I'm looking on B-T and I can't see any volume set in 2003, although the page says that it hasn't been updated in a year so that might be the problem. As for the books set in 2002, those are all translated, heck it looks like nearly every volume is fully fan-translated by now....
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Old 2014-10-21, 20:12   Link #582
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Originally Posted by Queen of Corners View Post
So, because I'm not really sure where else to ask, does anyone have any idea about this 2003 plot going on in the LNs? I think I read about it either in a translator's note somewhere or an author's note. IIRC, it was mentioned after the 2002 books. In order, it mentioned the stories covering the 1700s, the 1935 and 2003.

From what I did find on baka-tsuki, the 1700s are done and 1935 is either in progress or done, so I'm guessing that there are no translations for 2003? Or is it that the LNs are still ongoing? If it's the latter, then you people have no right to let the forum die this way! Come on! Was I the only one who found SAMPLE completely disturbing even after everything else we've had thrown our way? And that ending... DAT ENDING. Just... boy, I was pissed.

I guess... I'm just sad that there's nobody paying attention here when there's definitely things to talk about. Liven it up a bit, people. And after seeing that Durarara is getting the second season, heck the DIGIMON ADVENTURE is getting another season, then maybe, just maybe, there's a chance for Baccano to get a second season too. I still hope. And I'll keep on hoping for a good, long while.
The LN is still in the middle of 1935, 2003 will be the epilogue arc after 1935 (final battle-esque) arc. I'd say 1935 will go for another 2 or 3 books more considering the amount of characters.

If 2002 made you so pissed of, then 1710 will make you rage even harder.

Sadly, I don't think Baccano! will have chance for 2nd season, considering they cut a good amount of characters like Neider, Maria, Roy, Fred, and Begg (he appear in flashback but not in 1932). Especially Neider, he's basically the MC for 1935, from a half-dead minor character who only appear in the prologue and epilogue of 1931.
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Oh, I finished 1710 and yes I was pissed. But I guess it was kind of easier to take it because I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. But yes, definitely pissed. Thanks, though. It's nice to know that there are more books coming. I'm on 1711 now and then I have the 1935 arc.

As for the anime, well, I guess they could cover the Slash, Alice in Jails and the 2002, but I'd honestly want to see all the books animated even if it meant going through Drugs&Dominoes again because it's that awesome. No chance of that happening, I know, but gosh, let me drem.
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