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Sorairo Yugure
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Soft Rock

In the beginning, if this topic has been made before, please disregard this one. However I searched and found none.

To start off, my musical taste is heavy influenced by local bands or indie bands and I may have a slight tilt towards their genras and such but still, their main label, if you will would have to be "Soft Rock." Most people due to our American Main-Stream culture, most teenagers and young adults enjoy rap, hip-hop and pop rock along with other music. As stated before, I enjoy soft rock with bands under such titles as:

1) Mayday Parade, a indie, "emo" band that hails from Tallahasee, Florida. Here in the state, they have gain alot of momentum with outstanding hits in the underground world such as, One Man Drinking Games, Three Cheers For Five Years, and When I get Home. I personally adore their music as I have purchased their Album. Link:

2)The Forecast, a lovely romantic band as well. This band I know not much of other than a few titles. I do enjoy the few songs I have heard from them.

3)Mascara Story, a retired band. The y became popular in the late 90's and were a great band from my view. This is also a romantic group who had love roots with titles like Concour You. I love this band as it was the group playing when me and my girlfreind first madeout. Indeed a wonderful old band that is gone but not forgotten.Link: None, sorry!

4)Motion City Soundtrack, the most well-known band in my list. Dispite their fame, they still contuie to be one of the greatest bands in the genra. I love their music and have downloaded a few of their songs. I love their titles:Hold Me Down, Everything Is Alright, Time Turns Fragile.

Thank you for taking the time to read my titles, now if you will, post Soft Rock bands and a little discription of them, and links. Compliments to Myspace for the links.
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