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9 out of 10 : Excellent 34 32.38%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 15 14.29%
7 out of 10 : Good 6 5.71%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 0.95%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
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Old 2006-12-18, 16:20   Link #81
ショ ン (^^)
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excellent episode as always i never worry about being disappointed with deathnote. Things sure have gotten intresting with the arrival of a second Shinigami. It seems not everyone think Kira is a bad guy this girl does not seem to have th intelligence that Light and L have but she way more dangerous. Im interested to see how L and Light will handle this new info. Light seems her as a threat of course so its in his best interest to get rid of her as soon as possible. The problem i see is this girl seems very fickle and on top of that she has Shinigami eyes she can kill L and Light just by seeing them. In this case L is at a disadvantage not having all the info. Light knows about the eyes and what they can do given that Ryuk offered him the deal twice.

I did not expect one of the Kira detectives to go down so soon. The plan they came up with to get Lights dad out of the station was brilliant and it also shows that the police are very serious as well about not bowing down to Kira. Cant wait to see how L and Light work together while testing in each other to see who gives anything away first.
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Old 2006-12-18, 19:20   Link #82
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Originally Posted by hitokirigirl View Post
You mean by seducing her ?

The opening theme suggests it indeed...
lol well hes already got that part down even without meeting her next thing you know she will be jumping on top of him when the meet XD

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Old 2006-12-19, 17:46   Link #83
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I have a feeling L is going to die next episode
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Old 2006-12-19, 21:21   Link #84
Trickster Priest
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Originally Posted by hitokirigirl View Post
Don't apologize Lilith, it was in some previous episode threads, I can't remember which one.


From episode 11 and thanks to that damn spoiler, I can predict what's gonna happen

I'm not blaming anyone, but please, if people brings some manga spoilers, say it clearly before the spoiler tag. Thanks
If it makes you feel any better...
(semi-spoiler for nonmanga readers)

Also, as to the fake empiricism. It's true that you can quantify a lot, and really, I haven't seen L reduce things by more than, let's say, steps of '40'.
He gave 10, no 5%, which is a fair guestimation. Then he said 1%, which means (as Light says) "just a very slight chance". When he says 3% later, it's basically 'between 1 and 5, my previous estimates', and 7% was a step up from that. I view '70%' as "better than 2/3rds' chance, so mostly I view all these percentiles as decent guestimation more so than exact quantification. If he started tossing out numbers at very odd points or with decimals, I might more agree; most of the numbers used however are divisible easily or come close to another figure previously listed. A 40% drop is 'almost half of my thinking ability, but not quite'... the oddest figure listed so far was 7% in my opinion.

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Old 2006-12-20, 11:14   Link #85
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wow, i already thought it would be another kira, but its such a great element to put into this story at this point.
yes, she doesnt seem to be very smart, but that makes her extremly dangerous for light, should they catch her and find out everything about the death note hes in real trouble. and at the same time, shes his best chance of bringing L down, because she will be able to see his name.
and for l on the other hand, its a perfect opportunity to catch light.
those two palying mind games with each other seems to end in a stalemat,e but bringing in that girl makes everything exciting again, because its impossible to see where this is going.
amazign stuff.
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Old 2006-12-22, 06:34   Link #86
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L still doesnt know there is a second shinigami right?

cose Light can always use her as an escaped route, framing her for his doing...

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Old 2006-12-22, 14:02   Link #87
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Originally Posted by Ichimaru View Post
L still doesnt know there is a second shinigami right?

cose Light can always use her as an escaped route, framing her for his doing...

he does know that there is an other kira because the kira from the tapes acted diffrent then kira normaly does
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Old 2006-12-22, 14:42   Link #88
I see...
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Originally Posted by Ichimaru View Post
L still doesnt know there is a second shinigami right?

cose Light can always use her as an escaped route, framing her for his doing...

I would say that he is an eccentric fellow.
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Old 2006-12-22, 18:19   Link #89
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I didn't even realize Aya Hirano was doing Misa's voice. I saw her name in the credit so I went back to watch the episode a second time. And now I really REALLY hate whoever gave her the position.

The thought of Haruhi's voice coming out from misa misa... -_-
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Old 2006-12-22, 18:28   Link #90
Lazy Turtle
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When I heared Rem's and Misa's voice I was shocked...both voices sound waaaaaaaaaaaay different from how I imagened it to be...and I'm not liking it at all <.<;

Ah well, at least the rest of the characters sound perfect to me =]
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Old 2006-12-24, 08:25   Link #91
commands you to...!
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Nice episode. Its a little word, hearing suzumiya haruhi's voice XD but i have confidence in hirano aya's excellent voice acting. Now that L knows about this, I think it should be easy for him to fake a kira video that has a hidden message asking for the two kiras to meet. It would be a nice trap IMO.
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Old 2006-12-29, 14:18   Link #92
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This anime is truly genius, and every episode thus far, has been flawless imo. I can't wait for the next episode.
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Old 2008-07-08, 08:11   Link #93
Seirei no Moribito????
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what's up with L freaking out when aizawa grabs him when ukita dies? One of my friends said that she might had the idea that
Spoiler for episode 11:

but then again, it's just a theory.
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