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Old 2006-12-13, 19:04   Link #1
Certified Organic
Join Date: Dec 2005
does anyone have a newer HP desktop?

so i want to buy an HP, but the missing extra hard drive space is a real turn off.

how did you guys solve this issue?

and does anyone know of a computer with 3 hard drive bays?
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Old 2006-12-14, 00:54   Link #2
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O>O... Why buy set? Why not build up your own? These are the questions i ask myself when i see people buying brand sets computers. Maybe you can help answering them.
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Old 2006-12-14, 01:01   Link #3
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Forums like these try to push people to build their own far too often.

-People new to building computers do not realize that the 500w Allied/Deer power supply they got for $10 that weighs 8 ounces is not good enough. Worse, they will argue with experienced builders that it is good enough for what they want to do. (It is not. Ever. Not even if you're looking to run a Pentium 2 with onboard graphics.)

-People new to building computers almost always buy outdated parts.

-They probably won't be able to handle the more complex issues that pop up without some sort of tech support. Hope they have a really patient family member or friend that can help them...
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Old 2006-12-14, 04:30   Link #4
Aria Company
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Missing hard drive space? You mean the recovery partition? I suppose you could just delete the partition, but it's only around 5 gigs. A new computer should have at least 120 gigs of space, so 5 isn't going to make a lot of difference. If you intend to add more hard drives, like your second question suggests, it'll matter even less.

As for 3 hd bays, maybe a higher end model? Not really sure, but if you go to an actual store, maybe the salesman would be kind enough to allow you to take a look inside before you buy? You could always buy a new case and transfer the parts. (might be easier said than done, depending on the manufacturer)
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Old 2006-12-14, 22:46   Link #5
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Join Date: Dec 2005
no, for some reason HP has decided to get rid of the physical internal hard drive bays in favor of a plug and play slot for their portable hard drive. i want to take a saw and cut it out every time i see it. i guess i will look into external drives or maybe have the store put one together to what i want in it.
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