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Old 2006-12-16, 11:00   Link #21
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OMG are those hollows/arrancars weird or what. Dondacha seems to have a few screws loose but so cute at the same time, even if he has those scary ass eyes. Pesh seems to be the most normal but he reminds me of Ussop from One Piece. And we all know about Nell. But she's cute and crazy in a little kid way. I love them all! I hope we see a lot of them. They're totally filled my Hanatoru void. But i still want my Hana-chan back!
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Old 2006-12-16, 17:43   Link #22
Zu Ra
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Among the three I found Pesh the most abnormal his funny conclusions his banter with Ishida . Compared to Pesh , Nell and Dond look pretty normal

This has been a really funny manga in a long time it got the Funniest Second Season Moment =]
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