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Old 2006-12-17, 19:21   Link #1
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Question about my laptop-Please Help

Hi, I was cleaning up my garage and I found my Dad's old laptop. It's a Canon Innova Book 360CD. He's not using it anymore so I was wondering if I could add a pc card to it so I connect to my network and go online. I don't expect to do anymore than that because it's so old. My question is is there a wireless pc card out there that could work on my laptop? It's current operating system is windows 98 second edition (but I may install linux over it), it has 32 mb of ram, and uses an AuthenticAMD x86 family 4 model 15 stepping 4 proccessor I think. Any help would be much appreciated.If you have any questions about the laptop feel free to ask them.
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Old 2006-12-17, 19:50   Link #2
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You mean a PCMCIA wifi card ?
Sure, provided it has a free PCMCIA slot and
you can get driver for the OS.
But you should check the battery first and see if it is still ok.

Since you have win98 on it,
take it to a store and ask the techman to put in a wifi card.
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