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Old 2006-12-19, 23:48   Link #1
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Merging segments of video files?

How do you people merge all the segments you cut or edit out from, say different ep or even different series, for example, when you are creating an AMV video file?

Second, how do you replace the audio track so another audio file can be dubbed to the very same video clip?
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Old 2006-12-20, 03:15   Link #2
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You need a movie/video editing software. Most programs have a splitting tool and a timeline so you can cut out the scenes you want. Put them on the timeline in the order you want. Mute the video's audio and put in your own audio track. I'm afraid I can't help much more unless you have a specific program. If your running a new version of windows it should come with Moviemaker, or you could probably download a different program off the net.
Hope this helps =^-^=
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Old 2006-12-22, 08:47   Link #3
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we use adobe preview at school for such things, basicly it has Virtual Dub and several other programs in it as well, well it doesnt have them but it looks simulair to several prgrams

simply you add episodes you wantt rip from in a list, drag them to a simulrai window like Virtual Dub, with several tools select the scene you want, drag them below in a list where it splits up in a bar for audio and video, split them up, delete the audio, add the other scenes and do the same, drag a song you want in the background to the list of file syou want to rip, if you want a little intro with your name and such, add files, add a black screen letters etc. paste all of the things together and voila
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