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Old 2009-11-09, 09:33   Link #481
Patriot's Blade
its Ghost Madoka time!!!
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Old 2009-11-10, 16:58   Link #482
Doing the time-warp
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A thread full of win, let's keep it alive

Yes I did read the whole thread, now my eyes are bleeding. These have not been posted before I think, sorry if I overlooked something.

Mugen No Juunin (Blade of the Immortal) ED, "Wants" by GRAPEVINE

The OP is great too. But since there is a tiny weeny bit of nudity in it, I abstain from posting.

Casshern Sins OP, "Aoi Hana" by Color Bottle

Samurai 7 ED (alternate ED?), "Niji Musubi" by Rin

Otogizoushi OP 1, "Zen" by Attack House

And since I cannot believe this has not be done already:

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (2nd movie) OP, "Kugutsuuta ura mite chiru" by Kenji Kawai

To get it out of the way: Ratings (subjective, purely subjective) :

Hellsing OP 8/10 - Great swinging song. Nice anime too. Though I prefer the OVA version
Itazura Na Kiss OP - 8/10 - The OP song just gets stuck in your head. And the anime is hilarious, I loved it.
Nana OP 3 - 5/10 - Rock. Ok. Does nothing for me
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom ED2 - 6/10. Don't like. But the OP "Karma" is awesome.
Black Lagoon OP - 8/10 Hell yeah! It is loud. It has the beat. It rocks. And one of the most entertaining series around too.
Monster OP - 9/10 - Fabulous OP. Fabulous series.
Darker than Black OP 2 - 7/10 - It is so-so. I prefer the first OP.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP 3 - 6/10 - No. Has to be Ready, Steady, Go and Lost Heaven for me. Nothing else comes even close, sorry.
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Old 2009-11-15, 03:00   Link #483
Okuyasu the Bird
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One Piece OP 12 that debuted yesterday. Song is "Kaze o Sagashite" by Hexagon Family

I personally give it a 7/10. Lots of good animation and it's long, just the song isn't too memorable.
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Old 2009-11-19, 16:06   Link #484
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One Piece OP12: 7/10. Yes, nice animation, but it was too long and the song just kept on drooooning. Really, with that much movement and brightness I expected a bit "speedier" song.

Spoiler for Space saving:

Lets see, three about angels, one about vampire detectives, one about medieval misadventures and one about anthropomorphic subway stations. That's all, I think.
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Old 2009-11-20, 06:10   Link #485
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Kimi ni Todoke OP:

I personally rate as 8/10. Very good at setting the initial charming tone of the anime, I think.

Kimi ni Todoke ED:

Personally rate 10/10. This is one of the best endings I've seen in a while, and is so sweet it's practically diabetes inducing.
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Old 2009-11-20, 06:33   Link #486
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oh! i've wanted to see that series for a while...(still have like, 20 series to get through first though XD)

but yeah, OP i rate 8.5/10
the ED i rate 7/10 (seems like a song i'd have to listen to a few times to get used to...)

Welcome to the NHK OP

omg i love this OP

ranma 1/2 OP 1
i find this catchy ^^

Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex ED

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Old 2010-01-25, 12:39   Link #487
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Welcome to the NHK - 7/10 (Good but not something i'd listen to over and over)

Ranma 1/2 - 8/10 (Lol. So bad it's good)

GitS: SAC - 7/10 (Not my kind of thing)

Anybody listen to the new Letter Bee OP? I think it's just great.

Don't miss your chance to vote!
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Old 2010-03-02, 15:27   Link #488
Bonta Kun
Know who you are
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The last OP/ED to get me watching it everytime I watched a ep of the series was with Rosario+Vampire Capu 2 OP, DISCOTHEQUE.
One I've come across lately is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu's OP, perfect-area Complete!

Another top series with awesome OP and ED is Durarara


ED(note this ver. is mirrored, couldn't find normal ver.)
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Old 2010-05-13, 03:26   Link #489
Kaioshin Sama
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theme songs that speak to why I originally got into anime music. Rate away, but the passion has been invoked already.
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Old 2010-05-15, 23:48   Link #490
Yuri 'serator
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Kaioshin Sama: I'd give it an 7/10, while the song is pretty good the animation for the it is lacking somewhat.

Bonta Kun: In order 9/10 Baka to Test has great song with nice animation , Dura OP 7.5/10 decent song with good animation for it, and Dura ED 5/10 while I like the animation of the ED, I just can't personally stand that song, it's one of the few anime themes I skip .

Some I'll put for this thread.
The catchy and cute ED of Omamori Himari, and my personal favorite ED so far this year, Beam my Beam:

Angel Beat's two awesome OP versions of My Soul, Your Beats, First:


And it's calming ED, Brave Song:

Also Bakemonogatari's 5th OP, Sugar Sweet Nightmare by Yui Horie , though the 'animation' if you can call it that is weird even by shaft's standards.
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Old 2010-05-19, 22:10   Link #491
Karlson useless!
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Konakaga: That's a lot to rate but let's see.

Omamari Himari's ED - 2/10. Just didn't like it.

Angel Beats! OP1 - 8/10 I have my issues with this OP but its mostly from a technical standpoint (my dislike of the chat bubbles highlighting the name of characters as well as the fact it acts like a preview of each and every episode) as I find the general animation and the song to be very good.

Angel Beats! OP2 - 5/10 Unfortunately this version of the same song is far, far inferior in comparison (especially the vocalist). To make matters worse, what replaces an actually animated Kanade playing piano is a plethoral of still shots featuring Yui playing guitar. Despite having pretty much the same structure as the first one, the quality difference between the 2 is so large that I'm left all sorts of unimpressed.

Angel Beats! ED - 9/10. Sometimes rating OPs and EDs can be difficult because there are some examples that endorse the idea of "beauty in simplicity". This is one such example as there really isn't much of any animation here. These kinds of OP/EDs need a great song to really make it work and thankfully in this case it does. I've seen it done better before in the past but its excellent nonetheless.

Bakemonogatari OP5 - 4/10. Weird isn't the word I'd describe that OP. Dull is a more appropriate word. Song is very meh (your mileage may vary), and for a Shaft OP it lacks the flash they're usually known for. 0:46 - 0:59 does look pretty nice though

Here's one for rating. I just started this series a bit ago. Very addicting OP for me at least though understandably its style isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Spoiler for Kemonozume OP:
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Old 2010-05-29, 15:53   Link #492
Join Date: Apr 2006
Touch - Ending

ED of Omamori Himari: 6/10 - I'm not into anime voices (singing). I really like the songs from zetsubou sensei though but yeah they don't have these kind of voices..
Angel Beats 2nd OP: 6/10 reminds of galge game . The song is just generic to me... lyrics etc. i don't like the way she sings at some parts.
Angela Beats ED: 7/10 - Simple but not cheap. It's just average to me.
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Old 2010-09-04, 16:03   Link #493
Lost in my dreams...
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*Uses his necromancy skills to rise the thread from ashes once more*

While there are a number of OPs this season that are to my liking, i had just finished looping these two for a few times because they sort of stuck with me, then i remembered about this thread and figured, why not

Seitokai Yakuindomo OP

A quirky OP for a quirky show, catchy song and visuals doing a pretty good job in capturing the gist of the anime, IMHO.

Shiki OP

Different from what we are used to seeing, and it did take a while for it to grow on me, but grow it did, despite some rather distinctive artistic choices. I find the last few seconds with the skull to be especially grimly catching.
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Old 2010-09-04, 16:56   Link #494
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Let's see, new to this, so we gotta rate whats been posted then post our own yea? Gonna be a bit hard for me, since I usually only think about the music itself, not the animation that goes along with it. Plus I dunno how objective I can be

So for Skyfall's clips:
Yakuindomo OP - Don't really like it. Probably personal taste, but it's not something I could listen to a lot. Having said that the animation seems to suit the show, and on a whole it's probably a good song choice for the show. But a big thing for me is the song itself, so max from me is a 5/10, helped by the animation aspect.

Shiki OP - A bit different here. I like the instrument usage in the song. But I don't like the vocals/singing. I'd have probably enjoyed it a lot more if it was just an instrumental version. Animation wise, again hard for me to judge, looks ok I guess, with nice dark tones. Overall I'd give it a 7/10.

For my choices, I haven't looked far back into the thread, but I didn't see the Xam'd ED up (saw the OP up), and since I've been listening to that a lot, here it is:

I dunno if I can/should put up my other choice, since normal versions seem to be taken off youtube. But I assume if it can't it'll just be taken off later there, and you won't get a link. For now though, it's the OP to Occult Gakuin. And of note, this version has the video flipped, so it looks a bit weird. For instance it's supposed to be 2012 going to 1999. Hopefully that isn't too off putting.

I never did pay attention to the Occult Gakuin OP when I first watched, but just randomly decided to one day, and I liked it. As I said, I'm more for the music rather than the animation, so I never really paid attention to the animation, but I do love the songs.
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Old 2010-09-04, 20:05   Link #495
SHSL Lurker
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Hullo. I'm new to this thread so forgive me if I repost any OP/ED's or mess up on embedding videos because I've never really done it before.

Baccano! OP

Sky Girls OP


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Old 2010-09-04, 20:34   Link #496
Roloko vi Britannia
The Dark Empress
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The Cannan opening was awesome I like the music I hope the anime is as good as the opening. 8/10

now a blast from the past The first two are from Magical Creamy Mami


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Old 2010-09-06, 09:41   Link #497
Useless Human Being
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I don't really know about classic anime

but for those hokuto no ken op: 6/10

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Old 2010-09-06, 18:27   Link #498
Roloko vi Britannia
The Dark Empress
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For the Broken Blade one I give it a 6/10 nice song, but it felt boring to me although this looks like an anime that I would watch


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Old 2010-09-09, 17:11   Link #499
Yuri 'serator
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Roloko vi Britannia for Hatenkou Yuugi:
OP: 7.5/10 song is really nice, but animation doesn't quite fit the song at some parts and felt too slow compared to song at the start.
Ed: 9/10 not quite as good of a song, but the animation match the pace of the song a bit better, so I'd give higher rating than the OP.
Ayakashi: 6.5/10 decent song and animation, but didn't feel like it as much as either of the other two.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi OP, "Ready, Go":

Air T.V. OP, "Tori no Uta":

Shakugan No Shana ED 2, "Aka no Seijaku":

Shakugan No Shana S OP, "Prophecy":
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Old 2011-01-22, 04:41   Link #500
Lost in my dreams...
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A new season, a new reason to bring this back up from the dead (yes, i like doing that).

Madoka Magica ED - Magia

A fittingly dark and captivating tune for one of the few notable shows this season. I could loop this half a dozen times and not get bored ... i need the full version

Yumekui Merry OP - Daydream Syndrome

While i have a somewhat mixed opinion on the visuals, the song is quite catchy and compliments them nicely. About the only OP this season i actually watch with each episode, rather than skipping over it.
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