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Old 2007-01-10, 16:51   Link #1
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x264 HD mastroika files = choppy

im an avid torrenter on this site and d/l everything under the sun on this site and isohunt (roughly 2000+ anime files). The video playback on most of them are perfectly fine especially when i watch them on my 42" LCDtv via HDMI.

All of them except .264 .mkv files with high resolution (1280x720 or more). The video seems to stop very often, the sound is perfect no hiccups or anything but the video is way off. The most obvious are the opening and ending theme songs when the words dont match the sound.

I know its not the fansubber, (lunar) is one of the best although i dont know much about (solar-ide), all of lunars other files run fine.

as i said earlier the videos that are having the problem are:
.mkv files
1280x720 res
24 fps
The only 2 videos i have in HD are Honey and Clover 2 and Bartender

My pc specs:
2.8Ghz Pentium-HT
1.5Gig Ram @ Dual Channel
NVidia 6800GT over clocked to 6800Pro specs w/512mb
22" LCD monitor and 42" LCD HDTV

I really havent upgraded my pc for a while but could it be i dont have enough RAM? or maybe my video card is not good enough (i kinda doubt it but possible)
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Old 2007-01-10, 17:03   Link #2
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Your PC really ought to play those files fine... at least if the video was XviD. x264 taxes the CPU a bit more than XviD.

Anyway... have you checked what the CPU load is (with Task Manager) when you play these files? Also does the video play better on your PC monitor compared to your TV?

Also what is the resolution of your HDTV? If it's a proper "true" 1080p display, then your PC has to decode high resolution 720p video encoded in x264 AND resize it upto 1920x1080 to display it fullscreen, which I can imagine will taxes the CPU quite a bit
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Old 2007-01-10, 17:25   Link #3
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Join Date: Jan 2007
nah im not baller enough to get a 1080p yet just 1080i. personally i think it plays better on my tv, i was comparing bleach on cartoon network to my bleach fansubs and its crazy how much clearer the fansubs are as opposed to cable tv.

This is the first time i checked out the CPU load and i just noticed whenever it peaks over 80% it pauses on both screens real frequently too thats not good huh...
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Old 2007-01-11, 04:07   Link #4
Join Date: Mar 2006
use the latest coreAVC
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Old 2007-01-12, 11:22   Link #5
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I'm on virtually the same set-up (2.8 Northwood, 6800, 1gb) and had synch problems intially with some 720 stuff:

[source Solar-IDE Honey & Clover II - 1280x720]

FFDShow (no postprocessing) / VMR9 / RGB32 = minor synch problems occasionally
FFDShow (no postprocessing) / VMR9 / YUY2 = no problems
COREAVC / VMR9 / RGB32 = no problems
COREAVC / VMR9 / YUY2 = no problems

[source SHS Chevalier - 1920x1080]

FFDShow (no postprocessing / VMR9 / RGB32 = 16-18fps if lucky
FFDShow (no postprocessing / VMR9 / YUY2 = 20fps
COREAVC / VMR9 / RGB32 = 24fps but slight synch problems
COREAVC / VMR9 / YUY2 = no problems

Assuming you're using libavcodec [ffdshow], the problem is almost certainly processor speed. Switching to CoreAVC should solve your problems, or if you were intially using an RGB output you might be able to get away with switching to a native output (YUY2?). I'm not an expert in this area, but it obviously makes a difference.

Tests were conducted using 2006-07-28 build of CCCP and CoreAVC (beta versions of ffdshow might be slightly faster).
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Old 2007-01-12, 16:56   Link #6
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Join Date: Jan 2006
YV12 is the fastest colorspace for MPEG4 afaik.

ffdshow has become quite a bit faster after some lavc updates. Check this CCCP forum thread, and possibly contribute your own results to further the cause.
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Old 2007-01-13, 23:22   Link #7
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OP Maybe it time to get
I dont see you posting you had CCCP maybe you should give it a try.
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