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Old 2007-01-11, 16:33   Link #1
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The Way of Learning / Studying

So what do you think is the best way, as in, how do you go about learning stuff.
And what do you think is the worst way.

My method, and the only one that works for me, is to read something and try to apply it shortly after or while I'm reading it.

If I want to improve on something I make notes. (notes as in more like articles or tutorials)
Writing about something really helps in certain ereas, besides forcing you to order your thought and thus all the info in your brain they also force you to document better and are a means to measure how well you understand a subject. (not as in how much you know but how well you know it)
I generally try to make them as short and personal as I can; by personal I mean I write the information the way I think it should have been structured for me to understand it fastest, in the idea that I don't have to worry aobut it anymore since I can go back and skin thru my notes to quickly re-learn what I need. Altho that rarely happens (actually almost never), guess it's because preaching it is one of the best ways to learn it.

The wrong way for me to learn something is to pick up something and start reading, and limit it at that. I only do that when I'm studying something and want to form a little road map for the subject so I know where I need to start and what the intermidiate steps are, but there are few subjects where this can be applied or is needed. Generally nothing will stick, well it sticks a lil' if I re-read it a half a donzen times but who would want to do that. Generally even if I go that route, while reading it several times will make it cleared it still would be a mess in my head. (and I find that I forget it quickly)
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Old 2007-01-11, 17:30   Link #2
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Age: 31
I've never really tried to learn anything.

If I pay attention during a class I can generally pass it. My problem is motivating myself to pay attention. (I usually can't )

I think I read a text book once for about half an hour.
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Old 2007-01-11, 17:36   Link #3
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When it comes to knowledge, I guess writing things down repeatedly helps me. I'll write things down maybe five times or so, then try to memorise it. I move on to another thing I need to study, and then come back to the previous thing I wrote. Rinse and repeat.

When it comes to applying knowledge, I just answer textbook questions and questions from past exams.

The worst thing for me is simply trying to memorise without writing anything down. I'll only do this kind of studying when it's the day before an exam. This only works when I'm interested in what I'm studying, which is rare.

I have a low attention span when I have things to distract me, but then again, I'm easily distracted so it doesn't make a difference if I go somewhere else.
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Old 2007-01-11, 17:44   Link #4
Human Victory Cigar
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I'm great at paying attention but I really only listen and care for what I want to. In other words, I only learn when something interest me or when it's necessary. Stupid maybe, but it's just me.

A funny example: Some people know the lyrics to a song perfectly after a few listens but no matter how many times they're told, they'll never remember how to do fractions or other things taught to them multiple times. I happen to fall into these types of people.

EDIT: Hmm, I didn't seem to answer the question so I guess I'll try. I learn by doing lots of reading and remembering what I've read. That's pretty much it.

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Old 2007-01-11, 17:52   Link #5
Ace Archer
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Age: 29
Making my own detailed notes from resources and lecture notes. Then doing questions and examples.

Also for some topics, for example in Materials Technology we had to learn processes for the manufacture of materials and forming of materials. This had a lot of small detail to learn so i used mind maps. I learnt about minds from my AS geography teacher back in school great way to learn as it follows a logical path where details are linked and follow on from each other.
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Old 2007-01-12, 10:15   Link #6
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tartu, Estonia
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Learning for school isn't needed, i just sit through classes and take notes.
Learning without a teacher, for myself (as a hobby or smth)... well, i haven't found an easy way yet, but the one that works best is practice ( but even with loads of practice, some things are not so easily completed). I've been practising the guitar for about 7 years now, on the first year i had a teacher but the rest was all done by me.
Now i play guitars and do vocals in my band and in my hometown my band is pretty well known (and we even have around 20 dedicated fans).
So, practice makes perfect!
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Old 2007-01-12, 10:51   Link #7
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: ALASKA!!! W00t! I'm BACK FINALLY!!!!
Age: 29
I just read something and think about it for half an hour if I don't understand it. It's rare if I ever really need to listen to a teacher to understand something. Most of the time I just read the book while they're lecturing.
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Old 2007-01-12, 15:20   Link #8
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I try to paint a picture of it in my head as I am reading it. It helps me greatly.
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Old 2007-01-12, 16:03   Link #9
Asuki-tan Kairin ↓
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Most important thing for me is interest. If I cannot get into something, than I usually fail at learning it too. Once I sparked interest in something, learning is easy, though I prefer to reduce theory to practice.
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Old 2007-01-12, 16:58   Link #10
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As Jinto Lin said, interest is probably one of the most important factor. I'm currently doing the second year of a baccalaureat in computer science engineering and my university have a special program for us. We are doing what they call "learning by project". We don't have any lectures, instead every two weeks a teacher give us a problematic. He also tell us wich books we should read and give us some clues. During the two week we have some lab where we could test what we have read about. Then after the two weeks we give a report to the teacher telling him how we solve the problem. I think this is a great way learning because we can apply everything we read in books. Our knowledge is not purely theoretical.
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Old 2007-01-12, 20:54   Link #11
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Age: 26
learning ... too hard to listn to teachers talk most classes are common sence and dont require thinking until you hit colladge best be get a realy smart friend XD
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Old 2007-01-12, 21:12   Link #12
Seeker of Power
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I have a lot of trouble learning now that I'm in my twilight years (22). In primary/secondary school everything besides math came to me extremely easily, almost as second nature, and thus I have very poor study skills. Or skillz.

I learn best through repetition based on a combination of hearing and sight, leaning more on hearing. I have a hard time looking at pages of notes and learning anything. If I don't absorb things as I write notes, it probably won't stick. This becomes a problem in college since professors tend to talk rather quickly. =p

Memorization, for me, is based totally on interest. I can remember what button to push on the PS2 controller for 30-40 different games in an instant, I can recall minute facts from many, many anime and manga... But I can't for the life of me remember anything from high school calculus.
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Old 2007-01-12, 21:19   Link #13
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Monkey see, monkey do. That is basically my philosophy on the matter. Put things into practise.
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Old 2007-01-13, 05:10   Link #14
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Depends what I'm learning. I have noticed I only learn something if I'm interested and motivated about it. For example History is easy for me to remember because I love history and I'm really motivated about it. I'm actually in love with ancient Rome.

Same goes for martial arts etc, if you don't give a damn about it, you won't learn the technique right and will always do it wrong.
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Old 2007-01-13, 05:48   Link #15
walrus of doom!
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The way of learning in a given amount of time (effort factor not included...)

If we're talking school... the most convenient way would be through...

1. staying awake in class
2. written practice
3. verbal practice (and any other practice 2nd nature related...)
4. writing notes which conveniently organize these practices (which probably isn't through reading the textbook...)
5. if you're aural... listen to music -_-;;
6. take breaks... eat yummy stuff... sleep...

don't take my word for it... i'm the prince of procrastination...
the guy in the avatar is not me...
hurray for spitting sounds -_-;;
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Old 2007-01-13, 05:56   Link #16
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Originally Posted by Jinto Lin View Post
Most important thing for me is interest. If I cannot get into something, than I usually fail at learning it too. Once I sparked interest in something, learning is easy, though I prefer to reduce theory to practice.
Quoted for truth.
If I'm not interested in a subject, even reading a mere 1 page-text will be a real pain. My thoughts then keep heading another way every other sentence and I'll have to reread it twice or more to even get as much as a general idea of what it's about. I don't really try doing anything practical when it's like that; I know this is a mistake, as this most probably would help sometimes. But not having any real problems in school I guess it's okay.

When it comes to interesting subjects however, it's a whole different story. I won't need to take any effort at all, I'll memorize things quite easily. This rarely happens at school though.
I've never had as much fun learning as I have when memorizing kanji, or Japanese in general; I don't know why exactly, maybe also due to the missing pressure from school. I guess it's more fun as well when I can set my own pace, advancing fast when I'm getting something quickly and slowing down when I'm not.
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Old 2007-01-13, 18:16   Link #17
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Learning requires Motivation and Relation.

You must be motivated, in some manner, to learn, and it must relate to something else you know or do in some way so you can "file" it in your memory. Normally, we build Relation through Application.
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Old 2007-01-18, 02:40   Link #18
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People remember things mainly through repetition (mimicking , repeated reading or hearing something) and by making it their own (making notes/mental notes, finding patterns, making comparisons to other things, etc).
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Old 2007-01-18, 04:17   Link #19
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um...I think it depends on the person on how he/she learns stuffs. we all have different ways and methods on how we study especially before the exams!

for me, the best way of learning is to listen and participate in class discussions especially when your subject is math! If you don't understand some parts of the lecture it won't hurt if you try to ask questions. Of course you have to read and practice and apply what you have learned at school. practice makes perfect. (well, almost!) Interest in a subject is also important. the professor needs to to be motivating and have a sense of humor for the class to have interest to listen on what he has to discuss. friends in class may also motivate you in your studies.

I like subjects that involves memorization and logic. Math and programming subjects are not my forte!

the worst way for me to learn is when my professor is not so motivating! It makes me so bored and sleepy that I don't understand what he's talking about! just like my professor in english that talks like a broken speaker box! I also avoid studying inside my room especially in my bed. it will only take me 30-60 minutes before I feel bored and start sleeping!
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Old 2008-03-12, 11:00   Link #20
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Study Habits.

Does anyone on Animesuki know any good studying tips and habits for forthcoming June examinations? I need to get good grades for them, because they send them off to universities to see if they'll accept you or not. My current studying ways are...not very effective, as I'm easy to distract, and lazy. So help plz and thx.
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