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Old 2010-07-02, 00:07   Link #161
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dj trouble beat me to the racoon. only i'd like no tail at all. i'll have a cool nickname like "zero"... or a lame one like "freak".
then maybe these.

pegasus (cause they own unicorns. no really, unicorns are just lackeys for pegasus, which they carry in pokeballs. and dont ask where they keep the pokeballs and how they get them out of there)
hamster (i'll train in a giant spinning thing that hamsters have in their cages )
gigglypuff (comes with the microphone included)
porcupine (i'll curl up in a ball. and the only way i'm gonna uncurl is if you piss on me* )
kangaroo (they're just awesome)

*the pissing thing is...omfg true. at least the person who told me wasnt joking...
My posts seem retarted? I invoke the freedomof choice upon thee to choose one of the below.
a) Iím batshit insane or mentally challenged. Nyan!
b) Wasu~p?! *brofist*
c) Your mind is too narrow to embrace my genius, de geso.
d) I was accidentally dropped into a barrel of whiskey, so now I am constantly drunk.
e) Go home and die! Dattebayo!
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Old 2010-07-04, 08:47   Link #162
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Location: Birmingham
If I''d be a jinchuuriki it 'd be so easy to choose..
I'd be a damned rabbit, because they like to get it on !!
+ I 'd be so strong i could force to get it on with everyboda..
And now for the serious answer that IS appropriate for children:
- I really could care less... Why would you like to be a weird creature who can destroy the world? You'd be evil and everyone would hate you... No way.. No thnks.. Byebye Nine-Fails
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Old 2010-07-20, 18:45   Link #163
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Location: David Tennant's bedroom in the TARDIS
A wolf!! The ferocity and power, but the beauty as well...and the I love wolves ^-^
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