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Old 2007-01-14, 07:55   Link #21
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well even though series like Juuni Kokki, Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter and Hikaru no Go are really long... i just can't get enough of them, so...i think they are too short, if of course compared to the almighty long ones like One Piece and Naruto

I do think Ouran, Fruits Basket, Black Cat and probably some other less than 26 episode series too short as well, but thats mainly because I enjoyed them and didn't want them to end
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Old 2007-01-14, 08:33   Link #22
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hunter x hunter too long no way i had a feeling the story finnaly was getting started
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Old 2007-01-14, 14:56   Link #23
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I hate watching long animes, especially those that have more than 30 episodes. Recently i've gotten Yakitate Japan. Overall there was not much story, mostly exaggerated reaction from eating bread and such. (yeah, that was fun time and time again) Sometime after a series go on too long, the story seems to stop and another is introduced or we get those boring recap episodes.

So mainly - Long series usually end up with useless episodes to add as fillers. (they even have these in the regular 12-13 episodes and 26s, how dull)

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Old 2007-01-15, 04:43   Link #24
Forged by pure anime love
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Well long series are the best i just started watching full metal alchemist and i liked it im on 28 episodes now started this evening

Still 13 episodes isnt worth watching when its fun its too short and when its boring i think hmm nice
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Old 2007-01-15, 12:28   Link #25
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my favorite anime is Hunter x Hunter and luckily for me it wasnt too short . Prince of tennis also ranks pretty high on my list and its like 200 episodes. But yea, i agree i wish some animes were longer, not saying that they would be better if they were dragged out to 26 episodes. Among the annoyingly short animes: Zero no tsukaima, FLCL, SHnY, Shingetsutan Tsukihime
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Old 2007-01-15, 12:48   Link #26
Ryota Hayami
Ciel Blue
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Boys Be was awesome but it was only 13 episodes
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Old 2007-01-15, 15:48   Link #27
Join Date: Jan 2007
Black Blood Brothers was just 12 episodes and I thought it could have been at least 26 episodes. It was really good, I watched the whole thing in a day, I couldn't get enough. And Jirou is sexay!!!

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Old 2007-01-15, 16:56   Link #28
Join Date: Dec 2003
While most anime don't really deserve more than a short run (a lot of them just don't have the story to go for over 13 episodes, and just being on TV is enough to please their niche audience..... like those dime-a-dozen TV anime based on bishoujo games *cough*), there are some that could've been really amazing shows if they had more time to tell their story.

The best examples I can think of off the top of my head are Jyu Oh Sei and Basara (Legend of Basara). Jyu Oh Sei had such an amazing well-paced start, but 11 episodes wasn't nearly enough time for them to develop the huge complicated setting. The settings were interesting and neat, but it all went by so fast... epic adventures like these two series are the ones that really deserve the extra episodes. And poor Basara only made it to 13 episodes due to ratings, letting the story barely scratch upon the amazing 28-volume epic tale... I guess it's hard for adventure stories to get support (other than shonen jump titles, anyway... which usually get too MANY episodes in the form of bad filler)
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Old 2007-01-16, 00:33   Link #29
phantom loser
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being short is the reason why they're so good... but one series i wish was longer was genshiken... just by its nature it could've been a lot longer.

personally i think 50 episodes is enough for a series most of the time. like i just watched blood+ and i feel very satisfied with both feeling i went through an epic quest and that i also wasn't bombarded with filler and stupidity. i think some action style series can be pushed into the 100 episodes if their story is really complicated and have enough relevant characters. non action series really don't seem like they have any business being more than 26 episodes most of the time.
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Old 2007-01-16, 02:44   Link #30
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Location: Finland
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Well, the reason that most "good" animes seem short is because they can't stay good for a prolonged period of time... you end up with crap like Naruto etc...

The series loose focus and become filler galore, with nothing significant happening. There is only so much you can do before the stuff becomes repetative and boring. This might be less of a problem for adventure type animes like Tsubasa Chronicle for example (2 x 26 seasons done 3rd season en route), but most series can't extend the plot for 100+(which seems to be your definition for "long") and remain "good" (much less "the best") at the same time.
Agreed with that too. The best serieses I have watched have been 10-26 episodes lenght.. Well, of course I always hope more and second season, but sometimes it's just better to let it be.
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