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Old 2007-01-19, 09:18   Link #1
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[manga] Has it Ruined the Anime for You?

For me it kind of has. For some reason I don't seem to like the anime as much as I used to before reading the manga. It may be that I feel the tone is different or that my interpertation of the manga was different than the anime creator's. Or maybe it just doesn't have that "new" feeling that it used to. But whatever it is my enjoyment has gone down. Its a little early but I hope I can get back into it like the old days.

Its like the Davinci Code. I had to read the book before I saw the movie. So I read the book in 2 days, saw the movie, and HATED it. While I don't hate Bleach (except for those 3 USELESS mod souls) its just not like it used to be.

Also, while I am still on my soap box.....Anyone else want to start a petition to have those other 3 mod souls die off? Maybe not so much die as Urahara say they had an "internal battery" and it finally ran out. The perfect line would be: "Well, they were made hasilty to find Bounto so they only had a certain amount of energy in them. They served their purpose and were only meant to be temporary anyway." We don't need anymore than Kon. He's funny and fills that role perfectly.
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Old 2007-01-19, 10:32   Link #2
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Well I can see many reasons why you might not feel the same watching the anime after reading the manga.

1) Disliking changes because it affects what you believe to be canon.

2) Feeling like you've seen it before.

3) Disliking the presentation.

I can see 1) and 2), but if you look at the Soul Society arc along, I think the presentation was masterful. I read the manga of the SS arc after watching the anime, and I felt 2) and 3)--ie., after the great presentation (and my own experiences with fighting-type manga) I felt like the manga in Bleach had problems conveying combat scenes--oftentimes I felt like if I hadn't watched the anime, I wouldn't know what the heck was actually going on in the fights in the manga in several of the major combats.
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Old 2007-01-19, 12:07   Link #3
Zu Ra
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Actually no I deem Anime as an interpretation of the manga . And still Images and running images make a lot of diffrence when it comes to levels of excitement . Also without manga there is no anime .

I used interpretation earlier that means I refer anime and manga as diffrent , Anime is afterall director's interpretation of Bleach Manga . If reading manga does ruin your anime watching experience dont read it . Also anime is at times censored . In Bleach there was a hilarious scene with Kon in Ichi's body it was slightly ecchi so it was dropped in the anime .
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Old 2007-01-19, 12:21   Link #4
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Most of the animes I watch, I have already the manga before. I take you are not a manga reader (I mean, you don't read many mangas, I am not talking specifically about Bleach). Otherwise, you would get used to know 2 versions of the same story.

Actually, the anime crew is doing a fine job with Bleach. I have no complaints about the anime (apart from the inclusion of the modsouls in the main story) as I take the fillers as inevitable (and yet, they were nowhere as bad as the Naruto ones).
The art is ok, animation is decent most of the time, the music is fine and the pace is good.
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Old 2007-01-19, 12:29   Link #5
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if it ruined the anime for me, not really..
in fact im more excited on how they will put htings into animation from the manga than actually going on a hating spree, however some things that they put in the anime do get on my nerves, the fact that the 3 puppet like characters are still in it while they never appeared in the manga
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Old 2007-01-19, 12:31   Link #6
Zu Ra
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I would like to belive the converse has it ruined manga for you ? . Lot many instances I did feel that way a voice in your head goes it was diffrent that isnt right but the key word here is interpretation .
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Old 2007-01-22, 17:18   Link #7
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for me it hasnt.
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Old 2007-01-22, 18:07   Link #8
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I started watching the anime before reading the manga. It was when Rukia had just been taken away by her brother that I couldn't wait to find out what happened and started to read the manga. And the manga was (perhaps not surprisingly) in certain respects quite superior so I continued to read it.

For some shows I don't see any point to watching them after reading the manga, but not with Bleach. As excellent as the manga is, in some respects the anime didn't only hold its own--it exceeded the manga. Particularly the fights were better detailed and more intense. And the voices add a great deal to the personality of the show as well.

Both the manga and the anime excell in different ways so neither ruins the other for me.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2007-01-22, 18:24   Link #9
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NoSanninWa summed it up pretty much, for me the Manga and Anime compliment each other for me, as much as I love reading the manga, there are parts in the anime I really like, especially the fights and the voices really add something the manga doesn't have.
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