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Old 2007-02-08, 11:17   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Yukinokesshou View Post
Anyone to second that or provide more insight? For starters, why didn't France's early "comics culture" (if that's the term) spread to the nearby Netherlands? And if it did, why didn't it lead to a manga/anime craze like in France?

i think mostly because Holland hardly listens to its neighbours and is more dependand on what they personally know about things and what the compagny wants.. their reaction to it would be like this

french people, like i read int he thread, grew up with it as us dutchies have not.. beside the childish factor, because the audience doesnt know what it is the compagnies are scared of investing in such a big step that is most likely to only cost them money rather than make money..

why, dutch people are rather stuborn... i tied to talk people into watching some anime series that are considered for older teens, with blood etc. but still they thought it was a kiddy series... just for some older 'kiddies' .. i never attempted on asking if someone watches anime again in my class...

also holland doesnt have any channel that actually shows anime series for older people, okay TMF shows Cowboy Beebop.. but heck where was the comercialism.. nowhere i had to read about it in a anime magazine.. which is only read by that sort of crowd.. let alone it wa son late int he evenings if i was correct...

what is also a point is that our normal stores hardly sell anything that is of the current age of anime series, i sometimes go to our local dvd store only finding Akira.. 7x .. maybe X/1999 and some lose films.. the only recent things are movies from the reator of Spirited Away, good movie but doesnt show people that htings can be for older crowds as well... for decent series that are also good you'd have to look ont he intrnet on svral shopping sites, bad thing of that is noone that isnt a anime fan would look into that section.. because they wouldnt unerstand.. i wouldnt buy movies fromt he internet that i havent heard of before and surely not when i havent seen the cover, pictures ont he back and the text ont he back either.. and with this modern age with usa movie productions like pirates 2 etc. who would think about looking through the asian film section when high budget films are on sale that you are mostly to like quicker
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Old 2007-02-08, 11:54   Link #22
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Thanks a lot!! The last few posts really made things a lot clearer ^^

I especially appreciated...
1. The insight into the situation in Italy;
2. The argument that the UK/US domestic media industries are loaded with cash and unwilling to take on an import from Asia, whereas the Southern European media consider anime to be a cheap and efficient means of entertainment;
3. The France vs. Netherlands contrast.

Thank you, merci, bedankt, e grazie!!

Sorry for not referring to you by your names; I'm too lazy to go back to the last page
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Old 2007-02-08, 22:27   Link #23
Siegel Clyne
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Does Language Play Any Part in Anime Popularity in Europe?

Indo-European Language Family

Italic -> "Southern European"

Germanic -> "Northern European"
North Germanic
West Germanic
-Low German
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Old 2007-02-10, 15:49   Link #24
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Saw this one just now.

Don't know a lot about the Northern Europe, but one of the reasons might be because people have a lot of time for doing nothing in those countries compared to the northern ones. Especially if this kind of interests are forwarded from the parents to the children, parents having a lot of free time might help in that aspect.

Another thing is the support coming from the country itself regarding the broadcast policy. In my country, for instance, when I was a child, the sunday mornings were reserved by the popular anime shows of that time. And families having long breakfasts with their children, keeping the TV open during those times, have to watch those shows altogether. If the parents enjoy, so do the children. And, since all channels broadcast similar programs with not much concern for the ratings, it should be easier to follow those programs.

Anyway, the lifetstyle should be a major reason, using the general impressions, hot-blooded vs. cold-blooded ones, anime vs. informative programs.

But, I wonder one thing, though, do the children enjoy anime in those northern countries as much as the southern ones?
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