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Zu Ra
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Question Identify this Movie / Disccusion

I watched this movie years back I thought it was a kungfu movie and rented it but it turned out diffrent . Its a Chinese Movie ( HK ) the story goes


There is an old retired man 50-60 he wants to get married for the third or fourth time . He doesnt have the money to afford a maarriage but his mind is set on marriage . He goes to his student ( ?? ) yeah also he is a sensei think so . The student is in his mid 30s and is having martial problems . The student loans him money but the iota of whats required .

But the student and the old man come up with a novel idea to raise money . They come across an abandoned bus in a park , the bus is ideally situated on a hill overlooking HK . They turn the bus into a sorta love motel after refurnishing it cleaning it and chraging repsective clients money . All goes well tell authorities get a word of it and the bus + furnishing gets lifted away .

The lady he wants to marry well he has told her he is a wealthy buisnessman . her previous husband abndons her she has a kid and step daughter from her husband's first marraiage . The girl is blind and her step mother abuses her verbally and pphysically . Her status in that household is that of a maid . She is mistreated a lot and they ( lady and son ) want to get rid of her .

The old man comes to tell this lady that marraigae has been postphoned giving a bogus reason . the lady tells the old man to abandon the blind girl on street , the old man cant do it so he gets her back the lady refuses to allow of that and tells him to give her a job in of oh his buisness massage parlor .

The Old man doesnt have a massage parlor but if the blind girl comes to know of his fianancial situation the marriage will be called off . So he plays along makes a makeshift massage parlor in an abandoned factory . Also there are no cleinets so he request his freinds ( other retirees ) to play along .

The old man and the blidn girl develop father-daughter relationship . he has no one she has no one

I dont remember the rest ........ also story from memory may not be accurate
If someone could please tell me the title of this movie ? . It named after that Love Bus
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