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Old 2007-02-17, 08:12   Link #21
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I dunno about Bakeneko personally... I loved it, and it had me in smiles in the end as it is imo among the very few animes in one year that really steps up it's game and show that there's always a few gems among the hundreds in a year... but it itself doesn't give me the lingering sense of loss. How should I put it... it doesn't really create a void in my heart where I'm willing to watch more crap and crap and crap just to recapture the same feeling. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

AS for me, I'm not sure how to really respond to people who's lost interest in anime. I myself go through ups-and-downs in anime viewing, but constant shuffling of WWE, ROH, anime, tokusatsu and fanfiction writing had always allowed myself to not really give any sort of "I've seen this a million times" feel. Anyway, here are mine. Not neccesarily anime that had "wowed" me, (( can't really remember the last time I was literally wowed )), but animes that left a solid impression.

Saiunkoku Monogatari : ~ The first few episodes isn't very good, and may rub people the wrong way, but if you can get past that, SaiMono in my opinion is one of the most beautifully crafted tale of character growth in a psuedo-oriental world. It's like an animated version of those classic Ancient China dramas, only much better. In my opinion, the beautiful draw of the series is on the life journey of the main girl character, which is deeply intertwined with semi-believable court politics and the world that encompasses the people around her, and how they change and grow from the experience. Each episode leaves a sense of flow that connects the plot beautifully, and yet leaves a meaningful sense of episodicness. I've watched 34 episodes of it currently, and I feel like I can watch a 100 more. Just amazing.

Legend of Galactic Heroes : ~ An old anime, but truly worth it. A most beautiful space opera epic. A universal story told from the eyes of 2 different characters that shrouds a galaxy of war, politics, emotion, growth, learning... I don't how I can continue on talking about LoGH without sounding like one rabid fanboy. If there's one thing about LoGH, it's that it does everything beautifully. No one I've introduced LoGH to had ever regreted it for one single moment the grand experience of seeing an amazing universe through the eyes of 2 man of gargantous talent on different sides of war who's so similar and yet so different at the same time.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite : ~ Yes, I've heard the whole spoiler thing, but frankly...I kinda saw that coming...from like episode 1/2. In my opinion, the beauty of Full Moon has little to do with that spoiler in general, but rather the growth of the main character who's trying her best, in a way forced to be more matured and adult than how she really is, and how she learns to deal with love, pain, impending death, friendship and many other trials of her life. Full Moon to me, isn't about the romance, but rather a girl's journey to adulthood. That spoiler is just one of the main things, but unlike something like Death Note where one spoiler can ruin everything, it's different here...IMO.

Twelve Kingdoms : ~ To be truthful, I'm not sure how to wholely describe the experience watching this. It's an amazingly well-executed political thriller, if there's any proper way to describe it. It's different from SaiMono and has a more raw feeling like to like NTHT, but as far as it goes, it's truly worth the watching experience. The only problem is it's INCONCLUSIVE ending...due to the author not yet completing the novel.

Hikaru no Go : ~ Like mentioned previously, it works in a same reign as Full Moon, but rather than a girl's experience growing up, it's how a boy comes across something that changes his life and indirectly creates a walkway that makes him different, as he grows on to lose something as he gains something in search of his life direction in the form of the board game, "go". Yes, a show about a board game may sound retared, but unlike something like...Prince of Tennis, where it's a lot about the game, HnG revolves around the people in the world of go, and how differences creates rifts, rivalries, and many other things.

Kaleido Star : ~ ANOTHER story of a girl growing up, though time time as a performer in a psuedo-circus. It's an emotional story of how a girl comes to know herself and how she wishes to pursue her idealistic dreams in a realistic, harsh world where only the winner survives. Season 1 was really good, but Season 2 was a little bit lacklustre at some parts due to rehashed plot and weak character development for some characters, but the last few episodes of Season 2 alone makes it worth while. Give it a try.

King of Braves GaoGaiGar : FINAL : ~ If Super Robot Series works for you, this 7 OVA episodes of chock-filled super robot excitement mixed with a flamboyant flair of drama and action really left me in awe and giddyness. It really works best if you had watched the original GaoGaiGar TV series to begin with, and I would personally recommend that as well. In 7 episodes, it achieved what so many hot-blooded mecha series fails to achieve in 30, even 50, that is bringing a melting pot of simplicity of the form of cliched, yet workable plot lines that is infused with buckets of fun and excitement, you'd welcome the cliches.

PlanetES : ~ Err.......Mm.......Collecting Garbage in Space? That sounds awfully misplaced, but PlanetES is easily one of the best animes of the 21st century as it takes a science-fiction drama centralized on several characters through a journey of growth in a harsh world and space, infused with political and philoshopical themes. Just amazing.

If you noticed, you'll see that my list is mostly of "growing up" animes. That's because I feel that such animes work the best for relighting the interest of watching anime, as it brings you closer on a personal level with the characters forementioned, and when you've come to love what you see...poof, that's the end. It really leaves people with a void in their heart, especially when one had really immersed themselves into the show.
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Definitely try and dig out those Infinite Ryvius dvds.

Another show worth watching that I'm surprised nobody's mentioned is Kino no Tabi, a show about a traveller with a motorcycle visiting various countries. I would definitely rate it near the top; it has a very original and beautiful look and thoughtful themes.

Also, Kare Kano is probably the best romantic show ever made, despite its lack of an ending. You should try and see it if you haven't.
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