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Character Discussion - Aki (Soul Link)

The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss all things Aki Nitta related.
To keep the discussion enjoyable for all Shuffle! fans, please follow the guidelines below and stay on-topic!

Note: Please don't use this for the specific episode / chapter / game talk, there are other threads for that stuff, this is Aki's thread.

Thread Guidelines
  • No campaigning!
    No "hate" or "xyz must die" posts. Discuss why you do or don't like characters without whining and whining or blatantly campaigning for your favourite.

  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
    Do not insult or harass other members for their likes and dislikes. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people won't be tolerated.

  • Discuss, not Chat.
    Please remember that AnimeSuki is a discussion forum, not a chat room, there is a difference. If you wish to chat, then please make use of our IRC channel (#animeuki) on ZiRC.

  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    It's great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after you’re long gone and on to watching some other series.

  • Use spoiler tags!
    All spoilers are allowed but they must be enclosed in spoiler tags clearly marked with a title (see example). Failure to do this can result in a ban.
    [spoiler]Contents of the spoiler[/spoiler]
    The above is the basic spoiler tag but it helps a lot if you include a title in the spoiler tag so people will have some idea if they should or shouldn't open it!
    To do this, all you need add is an equal sign "=" after the word "spoiler" and then type an appropriate title.

    For example, if you wanted to mention something from "Episode 2" of the first anime series, then type this...
    [spoiler=Series 1, Episode 2]...[/spoiler]
    Spoiler for Series 1, Episode 2:
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