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Old 2012-02-11, 22:15   Link #1
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Mouse (マウス Mausu) MUSE, 2003 12-episode 15minute anime

Noticed this was one of the earlier series tracked here:

Listed as licensed, but I'm wondering if anyone got a chance to enjoy it prior to that? says Media Blasters acquired it. But I don't see it listed on their main page. If it's not listed on (I only see AMG, QB, IT, KK and SC there) does that mean they are no longer distributing it?

The opening scene looks pretty sweet.
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Old 2012-02-12, 05:18   Link #2
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You should move to the Older Series thread. The story kinda reminds me of Cats' Eye but with more blatant fanservice.
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Old 2012-02-12, 06:01   Link #3
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you need to put it here first before put it one older series
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Old 2012-02-12, 22:23   Link #4
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Ugh, I remember this series from when I was in high school. Even though I would watch practically anything and everything anime-related back then, I never made it past the first two or three episodes of this one. It was just too much. It's a fanservice series that tries to dress it up by intermixing with the thief genre, but the thief part of it is pretty weak.
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