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Ace wo Nerae! (Aim for the Ace!) (エースをねらえ!) 1970s, 77 ep sports anime by Osamu Dezaki

French: Jeu, Set et Match (Game, Set and Match)
Italian: Jenny la tennista (Jenny, the Tennis Player)
Spanish: Raqueta de oro (Golden Racket)

I learned of this by rag's post on Rose of Versailles. The director of this anime adaptation did both this an Onisaama E apparently, two very great series.

I noticed that we did have a tracker page for this anime but seemingly no threads exist for discussing the manga, anime or series as a whole. Conversely, I did notice 2004 & 2006 threads asking about the live adaptation. This is something that could also be discussed here.

The 9 episode live adaptation asked about in the 2006 matches up with this tracker:

So, as an overview, the first 26 episode anime began airing concurrently with the manga being published, in 1973.

A 2nd series, with 25 episodes, began airing in 78. This culminated with a film following shortly after in 79.

Later in 1988, a 13 episode OVA series called "aim for the ace 2" came out.

A 2nd ova series, with 12 episodes, aired in 89.

Then finally the live series with 9 episodes (7 normal 2 special) came out in 2004. This seems to be what generated in the interest in the only threads I've seen up so far.

So as for the 77 number, I ignored the live series since it has its own thread and counted the movie as an episode, so 26+25+1+13+12 = 52+25 = 77.

Now, as far as what is actually up, currently on the tracker a group called ILA fansubs did the first 18 episodes in 2003. As this was right before the live adaptation was produced, it was perhaps a promotion for it.

In most recent times, a group called BlueFixer subs has picked up where ILA left off, and did episodes 19-21 in 2010. Having done episode 22 back in February, they recently released episode 23 last Thursday.

This means that the original series is only 3 episodes away from completion. I'm not aware of any work on the 2nd TV series, film, or 1st and 2nd OVA series.

Also, I'm not entirely sure why the live version has a tracker as it appears to empty. The best I can guess is a group's work there initially was taken down at some point. Does anyone know good sites to look through for live adaptations of anime, or subtitled Japanese film in general?

One thing I would like to see in regard to the tracker is that the film be listed between the 2nd TV and the 1st OVA series, since that was the order of production. Currently it's listed after the OVAs and that's misleading.

For anyone interested in BF's work on the series, I checked out their blog and here is the label that shows their posts about it:
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