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Old 2007-02-23, 05:31   Link #41
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Wow I expected the anime team to lenghten the bell test but not to this point, I hope they will wrap it up quickly next week.
Originally Posted by Blaster View Post
The problem is there are hardly any genjutsu in the series. From I've seen, there are only 4 genjutsu used in the whole show. The basic academy genjutsu, Kabuto's genjutsu that makes people sleep during the Chuunin exam(was it even one?), Kurenai vs Itachi(was it even one too?) and Nidaime's genjutsu vs Sandaime(was it filler or in the manga?).
Plus Tayuya's Genjutsu, those the Rain nin used again Naruto & co in the Forest of Death, Kakashi's Sharingan Genjutsu against Zabuza and a couple of other little ones.
Nidaime's genjutsu was in the manga except it was Shodai's jutsu.
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Old 2007-02-23, 05:43   Link #42
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There's a lot of people dogging this episode for Naruto's seeming lack of growth, but how can you blame the anime team for that, that's how the storyline goes. it's not something for which the anime team can be held responsible. Nartuo is at least twice the ninja he was before the filler. bar that mass-shadow-replication, he's shown to be much more effective in terms of use of techniques and ability, he's actually fighting with tactical nuance now instead of all power/heart.

Of course Sakura's growth is more impressive, like 99% of the women in the series, she was useless up until now, like completely and even then she's yet to be even half as effective as Naruto in getting these bells.

Going back to Naruto, expecting new techniques is well... a waste of time. he was a huge one trick pony up until he learned Rasangen and became a two trick pony. the difference is now that he's an effective two trick pony.

The basic special techniques of all the characters will only be elaborated upon, bar maybe Sasuke since he's the authors favourites. i'd really recommend not getting your hopes of up too much, as you'll just be disappointed.

I think what the disappointed people need to recognise is that not all growth is measurable in terms of new fighting techniques.
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Old 2007-02-23, 05:50   Link #43
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Originally Posted by monir View Post
Episode 1 & 2 of Shippuden has moved Naruto in the 6th place with 8% of viewer rating. Link. It's the first time in several months that Naruto has actually moved up in the top 10 list. It will also be interesting to see how episode 3 will do.
wat are the other animes in the top 10?

back to topic

i wonder wats sasori and yuura doing ,they didnt help deidara? And also how did deidara spot the watchmen so fast lol
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Old 2007-02-23, 06:02   Link #44
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Somehow I pictured Deidara with a more boyish voice, but whatever, it’s not like my ears are crying or anything. The flashbacks weren’t too bad, but the fillers made Naruto look like he still relies on the same old strategies. I can understand that this might have been a good spot to stick in a few extra scenes without hurting the story, but I wish they would’ve cut down on the kage bushin no jutsu. I did like the re-visitation of Kakashi’s 3 Lessons and the idea behind the Sasuke genjutsu, though it could have been done with better dialogue.
Why are Jiraiya and Tsuande hanging out in the background, don’t they have better things to do like gathering material for adult books or looking after the wellbeing of a village? Also, Kakashi going renge on three bunshins was hilarious, lucky that this fight was never meant to be taken seriously.
No major problems with the Suna part of the episode except there should have been a little more blood and guts…just a little.
8 out of 10
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Old 2007-02-23, 06:14   Link #45
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This bell test still shows the weakness in sakura/naruto especially in taijutsu

all shes thinkin about is landing a hit, her taijutsu skills sucks ass, if she meets someone like rock lee or kimi both are skilled fighters who knows defensive/offensive stances and wide range of taijutsu.

same as above, i expect his kagebushins can at least put up a decent fight or a few stances instead of landing a hit and dissappearing...
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Old 2007-02-23, 08:02   Link #46
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Originally Posted by Ichimaru View Post
same as above, i expect his kagebushins can at least put up a decent fight or a few stances instead of landing a hit and dissappearing...
Well, just 1 hit could prove to be fatal...
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Old 2007-02-23, 12:23   Link #47
Join Date: Jan 2004
Overall this was a good episode. People who think these flash backs are going to coontinue forever should take into account that this the first few episodes of the new series of Naruto and they are just trying to cater a little for those who may not have seen those episodes contained in the flash backs, or those that have forgotten.

Sure its a little annoying, though it wasnt completely over done IMO. I'm sure once the proper fights kick off they wont pad them out as much.
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Old 2007-02-23, 14:09   Link #48
Zu Ra
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Too many flashbacks you cnt blame them but Akatsuki made the ep quite worthwhile . I so want the background tracks . I loved the track when the two Akatsuki approach Suna .

Last edited by Zu Ra; 2007-02-23 at 15:14.
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Old 2007-02-23, 14:36   Link #49
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Wow, talk about dragging it out. The fight should have lasted at max 1 episode. TONS of filler added into the fight compared to the manga. I hope they don't mess up Gaara's fight. One thing I am glad about is that Deidara looks more like a man than he did in the manga. I could of sworn he was a girl the way he was drawn for several chapters.

I am tired of Naruto using the same moves over and over again as well. However, in the future I am sure there will be better techniques and performances.
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Old 2007-02-23, 14:42   Link #50
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Give the anime a few episodes, and I'm sure they'll start phasing out the fillers. I certianly hope so at any rate. And don't knock Naruto's development just yet, the fight was 90% filler.

I still think the funniest part is Deidara apparently doing nothing for hours in Sunagakure, until darkness falls.
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Old 2007-02-23, 15:57   Link #51
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Originally Posted by ShikaShika View Post
Give the anime a few episodes, and I'm sure they'll start phasing out the fillers. I certainly hope so at any rate. And don't knock Naruto's development just yet, the fight was 90% filler.

I still think the funniest part is Deidara apparently doing nothing for hours in Sunagakure, until darkness falls.

well, that's actually pretty smart. If I have a whole village against me, and I'd want to sneak in, I'd probably wait until it was night too.

And why are people so negative about this episode? I've really enjoyed in, far more then the fillers. The biggest problem in this episode was the pacing and that was because they did a lot of flashbacks, but let's not forget. For those that just watch this on the t.v. those flash backs were a loooooooong time ago. And Naruto has really grown. Like a poster said before me, he is still a two-trick pony, but at least he's an efficient two-trick pony, even forgetting the fact that this is just a practice match. Also, the fillers really raped the kage-bunshins and rasengans, he still used them a lot in part one, but they didn't get annoying till the fillers.
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Old 2007-02-23, 16:05   Link #52
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Originally Posted by ShikaShika View Post
I still think the funniest part is Deidara apparently doing nothing for hours in Sunagakure, until darkness falls.
His actions have to catch up with the bell training test, otherwise Naruto's anime-based disappointing bell test wouldn't see any screen time.
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Old 2007-02-23, 16:17   Link #53
Sawa-Chan <3 <3 <3
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Another amazing thing i noticed about naruto. He can now use Rasengan with his clones.

Imagine if he makes like 10 of his replications use 5 rasengan at the same time on the same person. Its preaty strong.
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Old 2007-02-23, 18:26   Link #54
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Ugh. It's ridiculous the amount they dragged this out. This episode covered about a chapter and a half of manga material. My #1 complaint is the stupidly long flashbacks they scattered throughout the episodes - a couple of seconds to remind people of the scene is fine, we don't need to see the whole thing. They also made the fighting way too slow for ninjas of their level - Kakashi is supposedly being pressured by their assault, but Naruto looks no faster than he was in the beginning of the series and the anime team just made Kakashi slower to compensate. Just plain lazy.

Also, I don't really like the way they animated faces throughout the episode. Their expressions are just odd.
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Old 2007-02-23, 18:41   Link #55
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Episode 3 was not half bad i really wanted to see the results of Sakura's and Naruto's training. Although it looks like Naruto has not developed any new Jutsu he has improved on what he has. Using his shadow clones move effectively and even improving the speed at which he gathers his chakra for the rasangan. I also noticed that his senses and and reflexes have become more fine tuned. Which is essential for shinobi.

Sakura has improved quite well and I must say i am happy with her progress. Another great quality of being a Shinobi is being well rounded. Not only does Sakura now possess the skills to go hand to hand but combine that with her medical training and Genjutsu training and you have a very well balanced Konoichi. Sakura has always has precise chakra control Tsuande just put it too good use. She is really is a second Tsuande that temper and that monstrous strength are dangerous. Naruto better learn how to duck.

Tsuande and Kakashi commented on how good a pair they both are. I went back re watched the episode and i can see why they made that comment. Kakashi as good as he is would be serverly hurt if Sakura landed one of those heavy hit. Which has been forcing to retreat and be on the defensive more combine Narutos excellent of shadow clones and his apparent ability to be quick to take advantage of a opening they are well suited. Sakura attacks enemy retreats Naruto cuts off the retreat causing the opponent to move again and then Sakura attacks again. If you think about it Naruto and Sakura have always worked well together and despite all the fighting they do, they are well suited to be partners. What Im wondering is if the lines Tsunade and Kakashi made are hints are being a good pair in another way as well.

DOnt get me wrong Im not saying they are perfect. Sakura is too eager to land a punch and is not thinking about tactics at all. She has the ability now to go hand to hand with someone but her Taijutsu skills are sub par. She needs to train more so that can start thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead of her opponent in order to land that crushing blow, if you cant hit anything having supers strength is pointless. Naruto's weakness well thats hard to tell and we have not seen what else he has learned while he was away. I think they both have improved a lot but still have a long way to go. You have to admit Sakura has come a long way. I just wanted to give a balanced view on their growth.

Very interested to see Gaara will react to this infiltration of the sand village. Temari is still in Konoha so i cant see her being of any help. I know that both these guys from Akatsuki are suppose to be bad asses. But i just cant get into a guy who uses his jutsu to make origami. But im sure he will prove to be more dangerous than what im thinking. Next episode we get to see Kazekage Gaara in action.

Why all the bashing on the episode? its only the beginning, sure i hated the fillers too but we cant have everything. bitching about the fillers and now bitching about the first 3 episodes cant please everyone all the time. I dont some people will be happy no matter what they do with the series
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Old 2007-02-23, 19:12   Link #56
Mr. DJ
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not reading the naruto manga paid off, made the episode a lot more enjoyable, sure there were some flashbacks, but to who said it was half an episodes worth is more than stretching it.
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Old 2007-02-23, 19:19   Link #57
magoi, magoi!
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I'd rather have this kind of filler than "original" story fillers.

The animators are over doing the whole kagebunshin already. When Naruto finally starts using kagebunshin from the actual manga, we're going to be so over it and can't help but think Naruto is but a one trick pony.

A little bit painful.

I still enjoyed the episode for what it was. It's been long enough for me to forget the exact details from the manga.
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Old 2007-02-23, 21:15   Link #58
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A very solid episode...some decent action and a class A laugh (the return of 1000 years). I thought the flashbacks added to the episode, even if not for the substantive reason they were included. I just thought it was interesting to see the animation from episode...what....3?...juxtaposed with the newest ep in similar circumstances. It made it clear just how much the detail level and color palette have changed. And again, I continue to be impressed by the OST.
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Old 2007-02-23, 22:44   Link #59
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Whoever rated this filler stretched episode a 10 baffles me.

I dont get why there are fillers in this episode now. Havent we suffered enough? We are still atleast 4 arcs away from the manga and thats not counting the time the manga will progress while the anime tries to catch up.
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Old 2007-02-23, 22:47   Link #60
cho~ kakkoii
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Originally Posted by Justice Knight View Post
wat are the other animes in the top 10?
1. Sazaesan
2. Chibi Maruko-chan
3. Crayon Shin-chan
4. Doraemon
6. Kekkaishi
7. Naruto
8. Anime Mejaa (not sure what title this is)
9. Yes! Prettycure 5
10. Onegai My Melody

Originally Posted by Gage
Is it just me, or was the animation quality of the flashbacks really bad? Especially the scenes showing Naruto during the first bell test, it seemed WAY different than what I remember from that actual episode. It looks like they reanimated every scene, but badly.
As I_love_waffle said, those scenes aren't reanimated. Those flashback scenes was saturated with the color green to convey the effect of something old. At the beginning of the series, the flashback had a black & white dot pitch added over the familiar scenes to give the same feeling of recollection.

Originally Posted by Rein Masamuri View Post
P.S. Monir, where'd you get the screenpics? I didn't see some of that... :P
The RAW I watched had all the in-between advertisement. Whomever captrued the RAW, didn't bother to remove them, so when I took the screencaps, some of those ads were captured.

Originally Posted by ShikaShika View Post
I still think the funniest part is Deidara apparently doing nothing for hours in Sunagakure, until darkness falls.
That was very weird indeed. The transition was very poor in that scene. How the Akatsuki and the bell test were continuously swapped is another example of this poor transition. I didn't expect the anime-team to revert back to some trickeries so soon.
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