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Old 2007-02-22, 23:29   Link #21
cho~ kakkoii
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: 3rd Planet
Originally Posted by Skane View Post
Will Nayuki's arc be shafted yet again? Will Nayuki's loyal fans break down sobbing from lack of attention yet again?
I've prepared my box of tissues ready. I also have a brown paper bag, just in case I need to breathe in and out. I also intend to use the bag to speak obscenities to every responsible parties that may take part in any injustice done to Nayuki.
Kudara nai na! Sig by TheEroKing.
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Old 2007-02-23, 01:14   Link #22
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Canada
Age: 31
Originally Posted by Zaris View Post
What the!? Nooooo, I highly doubt we've seen the last of Ayu.
Well, that depends on what Kyoani wants to do with the finale. But it's likely she'll make a comeback in the future (from anime's point of view).

Yuuichi is starting to piece all his lost memories back together now, and it won't be long before we realize what happened 7 years ago. Everything will be explained in due time. For now though, it's Yuuichi's turn to take care of Nayuki.

This episode served a double role, it served as a buffer to seperate the events that happened in 20 with the event that happened at the end of this episode, while setting the story up for Nayuki's route. So far, Kyoani's dual-route approach here is working well. ( ・ω・ )GJ

Originally Posted by Skane View Post
Will Nayuki's arc be shafted yet again? Will Nayuki's loyal fans break down sobbing from lack of attention yet again? Can KyoAni break the mindset that Nayuki's arc is impossible to show in a multi-path adaptation? Or will they succumb to the easy path( aka, nice knowing you, Nayuki, but it's time to return to Route Ayu-chan) and cause more Nayuki-fans to commit seppuku?
It's not so much that Nayuki's route is being shafted, but more like Nayuki herself is being shafted. At least she and Yuuichi were together during her route in the game. Here she's really looking like a tragic heroine with nothing but crappy things happening to her all her life. ...

The easy path is pretty much out of the question now, with what happened to Akiko-san in this episode. Unless Kyoani intends on bending Nayuki's route greatly, which I don't see them doing, we're going to see Nayuki's route to the end. Don't ask me what they're going to do with Yuuichi's response to Nayuki's feelings though.

Well, one possible "you're happy, I'm happy, everyone's happy" ending comes to mind now. But if pulled off the wrong way, it would look real cheap...

I'm surprised Yuuichi still managed to maintain his sanity, actually, considering all the stuff that has happened to him so far.

Oh yeah, this week's favorite shot:

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Old 2007-02-23, 01:23   Link #23
Join Date: Dec 2005
Just watched the raw... wow! So much from so little. Yuuichi starting to break through his mental block, Nayuki being the trooper trying to keep his spirits up, finding what was missing, and on top of all that... BAM!

Waiting for the sub to find out what was said, but that didn't stop me from giving this ep a '10.'

It's going to be a looooooooong week... >.<

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Old 2007-02-23, 01:27   Link #24
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: West Sussex, UK
Age: 33
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Old 2007-02-23, 02:46   Link #25
seiyuu maniac
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Tokyo, Japan
One thing that is already better in this edition of the Nayuki story compared with the other adaptation is the angle of approach is different (but again, faithful to the game) - Yuuichi actually has to confront his feelings towards Nayuki and his negelectance of her and her feelings for all those years, which none of the other adaptation did.

Also the last scene was stunningly executed, as Yuuichi spaces-out in class and slowly recalls the incident of 7 years ago and then his fasical expression changes, and as he turns to look at Nayuki then *bam*. Perfect timing.
houkoholic is offline  
Old 2007-02-23, 03:57   Link #26
loves Mai :D
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: CA, USA
This episode came out with a bunch of answers to any questions some of the viewers might have had about Ayu pretty quickly (though some of us may have thought the answers were pretty obvious).

As a first time viewer and not having played the game or anything, I still match the little snow bunnies more with Mai than Nayuki...oh well, they're both easy my favorite characters in this series.

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Old 2007-02-23, 04:09   Link #27
Name means little...
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: A town that has been showered by snow...
Age: 31
I hate saying it but... the last part of today's episode actually made me think of a mission briefing from video games... with how that teacher presents his information and how the scene switches back and forth.

It would be enough for the depressing things in life to only exist in reality.
It is because that I think the birth of a story... is from people dreaming of a happy ending. ~Misaka Shiori

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Old 2007-02-23, 04:09   Link #28
Currently Observing.
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Portland, OR
Age: 36
Originally Posted by Zaris View Post
Spoiler for personal thoughts at episode's end. Look if you've seen (and understood) episode 21:
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Old 2007-02-23, 06:25   Link #29
I don't give a damn, dude
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: In Despair
Age: 30
My reaction => OH HOLY SHI-


Argh. Those subs better come out soon.
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Old 2007-02-23, 07:42   Link #30
Sai the Dreamer
Dead Sexy
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: NSW, Australia
Not that I'm complaining... but it's weird, usually at least one of the subs is out by now. o.O Oh well, I can wait.

On another note, if you couldn't hold off (like me), Memento's post should help you understand the ep better.
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Old 2007-02-23, 11:49   Link #31
Mou Nakanai~
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Moon (where Feena at <3)
Nice transition to the "working on homework together" scenario, with the reason of Nayuki trying to cheer U1 up. And they made Kitagawa somehow useful once again, even though he's still a passerby character to me.

Seems like the memories from 7 years ago are gradually coming back to U1, which means we're reaching the climax. The last 5 episodes will be interesting to watch.

Originally Posted by Zaris View Post
What the!? Nooooo, I highly doubt we've seen the last of Ayu. For one thing, if that WAS the end back in episode 20, it offered extremely ambiguous closure. She disappeared without telling us what was the matter with things. What made Yuuichi cry seven years ago? Where's her father gone? At what point in time did Yuuichi give her the red hairpiece? None of them we've seen, and I don't believe KyoAni would be so negligant to leave those questions unanswered.
No worries. May Ayu be the "final heroine" or not, I'm 200% sure she will appear again in the series. Without her, Kanon is simply not Kanon anymore.
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Old 2007-02-23, 13:48   Link #32
Lost in my dreams...
Join Date: Jun 2006
Age: 30
OMGWTFBBQ <insert more inarticulate syllables and 1337 speak>

A perfect 11/10 from me.

Definitely one of the best episodes, with lots of revelations coming home.

Looks like Yuuichi is regaining his memories... i bet soon we will get to see what happened to Ayu in past.

And would you look at that - it only took for all the other girls to be missing for Yuuichi to notice Nayuki

The way Yuuichi treated Nayuki in past was quite mean (what else is new) ... i liked how he recalled what happened with the snow bunny, but before he got to say anything to Nayuki the teacher came in and dumped the news about Akiko on them.

So, light has been shed about the whole school business and Ayu's lost item *gasp, its the doll...shocking, isn't it ?* has been found ... and it looks like we have one wish left ... no doubt it is going to be very important.

Any one want to bet 10$ that Nayuki changed her hairstyle because Yuuichi said something mean about it ? I wouldn't be surprised if Yuuichi recalls that as well the next ep.

Something tells me that the realization about how he has been mistreating Nayuki is about to hit home... this will raise his guilt levels no doubt... i wonder how that is going to come in to play, especially considering that Nayuki is going to have a very hard time next ep. I wonder if we will get to see an angsty Nayuki say a thing or two to Yuuichi.
Spoiler for ep 22 preview:

Damn, Nayuki needs some love T.T She is one of those characters you can not help but feel sorry for them. Heck, she can't even pet a cat because of her allergy T.T

The crash left me stunned for a couple of seconds i think... shocking indeed.

Theoretically the chances for a Nayuki ending went up this ep.... oh, don't mind me - just daydreaming here I am 99.9% certain it is Ayu or bust.

This is going to be a looong week ....
Skyfall is offline  
Old 2007-02-23, 14:24   Link #33
Join Date: Dec 2005
Edit: The forum is hiccupping... my post should be after Kyuusai's.

Originally Posted by Kyuusai View Post
Spoiler for Events of the episode. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!:

I need a nap... this is hard.
Spoiler for some more thoughts:


Last edited by CrowKenobi; 2007-02-23 at 15:31.
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Old 2007-02-23, 14:52   Link #34
Beautiful fighter.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: England, UK
Age: 30
The Nayuki flashback was heart destroying to watch. Mainly because you know how its going to end.. how i love those pigtails. I liked how they had the news being told while we got to see the accident.. but what the hell? That car crash was insane. My Akiko... ;____;

Anyway, a nice episode full of Nayuki. Next week seems to be the same, but.. you know. ;_;
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Old 2007-02-23, 15:18   Link #35
Join Date: May 2006
Location: State of Denial
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Spoiler for Impressions of the episode.:

Spoiler for Events of the episode. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!:

I need a nap... this is hard.
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Old 2007-02-23, 15:33   Link #36
Reality Blender
Join Date: Feb 2007
Episode 21 is great and.....GODLY!


This series might be only 24episodes (since episode 23's title is "finale") implying that the last episode may be some sort of recap (please no).
Even though original reports claimed it would be 26.

It doesn't matter regardless of length I belive that my satisfaction is secure.[/quote]
Avisch is offline  
Old 2007-02-23, 16:11   Link #37
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Yuri Land
Age: 30
A SIMPLY MIND BLOWING EPISODE...i have to hand it to KyoAni..they can make u shocked even if u have seen Kanon a million times. Very nicely made episode, cause i feel that even with nothing said by Nayuki, her sadness was conveyed very beautifully. Yuichi realising his fault was shown very well too. I cant find any error or flaw in this mistake screenplay wise.

This episode was like a perfect Sonata conducted by the brilliant conductor we all call KyoAni and whom the world calls Kyoto Animation.

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Old 2007-02-23, 16:45   Link #38
Dani Maxwell
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2007
Ah, I have a question... I've been reading around how many eps. Kanon will be, and people've been saying it will end on 23 or 24, and someone else said that due the official date of the last eps, it'll be 26... after watching the 21, it really seems it may end on 23-24... but for some reason I hope it'll be 26 @_@

So, does anyone knows when will it end?
Dani Maxwell is offline  
Old 2007-02-23, 17:03   Link #39
I don't give a damn, dude
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: In Despair
Age: 30
Watched the episode. KyoAni's robbed me of my breath well after the ED and the preview had ended. Akiko-san......

Apart from that, this is one of the more well-paced episodes in recent weeks, and it also was a welcome change of pace from the emotion-driven past several episodes. 9/10 for me, but only because it's not as heavy on the story as previous episodes, and partly so that I can start dishing out the perfect 10s later, starting from as early as next episode from the looks of things.

The few nitpicks I had:

1) One scene it's the start of school, the very next, Yuuichi and Nayuki and Kitagawa were digging around in the mountain. No in-between. A bit unsettling, if you ask me.

2) I know KyoAni's gods of animation, but there can be too much of a good thing sometimes. I mean, at the end of the "doing homework together" scene when Nayuki's passed out on the floor, when she turned onto her back and went "Nyoo", I wasn't looking at her face, if you get my meaning.

With teasers like that, who needs fanservice?
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Old 2007-02-23, 17:51   Link #40
~ You're dead ^__^* ~
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Apr 2006
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being a first time newbie to kanon i have to say that i was caught off guard...

(before the scene) " cant be..."
(after the scene) *gets out a cutter* "ill join you!!!"

honestly its was that bad >.<

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