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Old 2007-04-27, 03:17   Link #41
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Originally Posted by BatAttack View Post
Since there seem to be many RoTK fans here it seems a good place to ask:
Having never seen nor read any RoTK, what are the 'best' RoTK anime series?
I'm a bit late in replying to this post, but just in case you revisit this thread:

I'm not that qualified to recommend the 'best' ROTK adaptations, as the majority of them have not been translated to English. Apparently, there are three ROTK anime movies and plenty of ROTK manga. As it seems, there is a whole magazine (like shonen jump) which just contains manga based on ROTK, which Koutetsu Sangokushi hails from IIRC. I heard the best manga adaptation is the one whose mangaka recently died, and I think it was a faithful adaptation too. Oh, and there's another anime which is loosely based on ROTK: A Spirit of the Sun (Taiyo....) which has been subbed.

If you read manga, there's always The Ravages of Time (which is a Chinese comic, I think) which has been scanlated. It's not really accurate to the events in the novel, but is faithful in terms of setting, the events (Yellow Scarves, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu) and characters. I think it's probably the best 'retelling' of the story I've ever seen, though that isn't saying much. The twists are very cool.

But if you haven't read the novel, you should do that (assuming you like reading). It's available free online (, and can be ordered from places like Amazon. I personally prefer reading it online as there is a little sidebar on the right where people can post their comments, paragraph-by-paragraph. I learned a lot from this, as the comments there give you a good insight into the period and enhances the experience. Best book ever, IMO =D
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Old 2007-04-28, 15:48   Link #42
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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I can understand fans of ROTK being offended by this bizarre trampling on a classic, and I'm probably not going to watch it all, but I've enjoyed the episodes I have watched. The BL aspect doesn't bother me. I just enjoy it on its own terms. Hamlet as BL might be fun, lol. And Sun Quan as a woman is pretty interesting. I don't find this show predictable at all. The architecture is like some adolescent fantasy version of ancient China, too, but it's interesting in itself. The show is definitely "different." And as I said before, hearing Miyano Mamoru and Koyasu Takehito together is fairly cool. Nabatame Hitome as Sun Quan is cool, too.
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Old 2007-04-28, 16:12   Link #43
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I think ROTK fans are coming down a bit too hard on the anime. It's obviously been Gankutsuoh'ed, let's watch it for what it is instead judging it from its source material. I'm enjoying it so far, it's a bit slow, but still enjoyable enough.

And th animation isn't that bad (LOL at the person who said it was 1975 bad), but it's pretty average for a show in 2007 methinks. They do have glimpses of good animation time to time but there are some times when it's below average, but the majority of it is average.

And Sun Quan (Sonken) is not female in this anime (and even referred to masuline pronouns). He wears a slightly modified but clearly MASCULINE outfit. I do think the voice is too girly but you can hear the seiyuu trying to achieve an androgyous voice (but failing miserably). Also, every major and minor character so far are male. If they were male in the novel, they're still male in the anime. Beware of traps, my friends.

But I have good feelings for this anime as well. At its pace, I'm gonna assume that it will be at least 25-26 episodes because it will really botch the series if it's shorter than that.

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Old 2007-05-10, 17:32   Link #44
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Originally Posted by EtherealMoon View Post
I think ROTK fans are coming down a bit too hard on the anime. It's obviously been Gankutsuoh'ed, let's watch it for what it is instead judging it from its source material. I'm enjoying it so far, it's a bit slow, but still enjoyable enough.
I just came across this show yesterday and watched the 4 subbed eps. I've really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to more. As for the comparisons to ROTK i've never seen it though I might later. But I defiantly agree that why can't we simply enjoy the show for what it is instead of picking it apart piece by piece? If you enjoy it then do so and if you don't, then thats also your prerogative but the ripping of it I don't believe is really necessary.
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Old 2007-06-02, 04:51   Link #45
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wow it totali rox lyk there r 7 eps subbed already and rikuson finally met his master!! whoo hoo!
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Old 2007-08-29, 01:53   Link #46
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I can't find the lyrics for the OP theme anywhere. Any takers?

EDIT: I found them.

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Old 2007-10-05, 23:34   Link #47
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Originally Posted by pomps View Post
Lu Meng was able to beat Guan Yu for his arrogance and ignorance, Lu Xun defeated Liu Bei for his stupidity, I dont think they are on the same level as Zhuge Liang. In fact Lu Xun was almost killed in Zhuge Liang's rocks' formation, only saved by his father-in-law.
Anyway I hate this anime the moment I saw Sun Quan in his/her dress, and almost puke when Cao Cao appear, it's very disturbing for me. I expected alot of plot twist, but didn't know they would turn such great leaders into gays/gals. It's ok if the anime is a comedy but this anime, no way.
Being a Wu fan I gotta say this. Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu didn't do jack in history. SGYY is just a novel exaggerating everyone in Shu's abilities. Go read SGZ for historical acceracy.
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Old 2009-03-06, 22:07   Link #48
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It's a tragedy .

It's gay enough for those (of us) who are into BL to enjoy. But the bishonen characters are effeminate, not truly homosexual.

Visually pretty . Sometimes I felt like I was watching Power Rangers . To sad for my tastes .
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