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Old 2007-03-06, 01:15   Link #1
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Looking for some real good Font software for PC

looking for a nice font package for PC

currently have Adobe ATM font but it is a very old program like 7+ years old
they dont make it for PC anymore, but i think it may still be for MAC

do they have any good type manager for PC, something that maybe has open type fonts
so i can use them on MAC and PC
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Old 2007-03-06, 07:33   Link #2
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If you are looking for a font manager which can handle large number of fonts (either postscript, true type or open type or the older bitmap fonts) then I found Apolisoft Font Fitting Room Deluxe to be the best.

This is a font manager, it doesn't come with fonts. Fonts are either made available for free by designers on some sites, or they are sold by font foundries for quite some hefty prices.
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Old 2007-03-06, 21:46   Link #3
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yes this is what i am looking for but im havng a few problems
i downloaded the trial version

but some older fonts dont display
do you know why i might be getting the red messages?

i can open the font if i use the ATMfiles

also what is the little check boxes for? if the color is green i think that means the font is installed, blue means its on the computer but not installed right?

and to turn fonts on and off its better to use load and unload or do u install uninstall?
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Old 2007-03-07, 20:52   Link #4
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Ah, I have a solution for you. I have over 1,000 fonts on my system. The problem with FFRD (and a host of other programs) is that it becomes very difficult to sort the fonts. FFRD actually messed up my fonts pretty badly for a while. It pales in comparison with another program I tried, though; I had all of Windows' original fonts, and then my old font directory (all 1,000, unsorted). The old directory included the fonts I had. I used the manager to add in that set, and it worked nicely. Removal ended up removing every single font I had. It was a bit frightening.

The program I use now is called Font Frenzy. It has a nice GUI, and best of all, it's free. All you have to do is send in an email address to get a registration code, but you can still use it without doing that (you just get a nag screen).

One huge benefit, if you're like I was and already have a million fonts installed, is that you can use the feature called "DeFrenzy" - it'll remove all of the fonts that didn't ship with Windows XP and place them into a separate directory, letting you return your system to optimal font settings.

FontFrenzy is a bit different from other font managers in that you don't create sets or collections of fonts. Rather, the program creates "snapshots" and stores those. You just reload those snapshots to reinstall the fonts you want. It's really essentially the same functionality as any other font manager, but it's different enough that it takes some getting used to (especially if you're approaching it with experience from other font managers).

Whether you like FontFrenzy or not, be careful when messing around with font managers. Too many of them seemingly don't have failsafes built in, and you can mess up fonts on your system if you're not careful.
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Old 2007-05-23, 10:40   Link #5
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I can't seem to get used to font frenzy, having trouble loading fonts i want without having to remove them all.

has anyone heard of a new program called MainType 2.1?

i was looking at all the programs here
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Old 2007-05-25, 13:57   Link #6
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Corel draw may be an option
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